GO NOW WITHIN/ Start To-day!

“Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up,if thou wilt ever dig.”

“He who knows how to plant, shall not have his plant uprooted;
He who knows how to hold a thing, shall not have it taken away.”

Believe In Yourself:
When I refer to miracles, I mean those things which can be accomplished through faith. Fai…th in your belief; Faith in Yourself; Faith in the persons with whom you are associated.
Faith in a Power. Faith in That Something which controls the
destinies of everyone — and, if you can get that Faith and dissipate the negative side,nothing in this world can stop you from acquiring what you desire.BRISTOL

An Old, Old Story
I repeat an old story:
Down on a levee in Mississippi, two men were dozing — one of them yawned, stretched his arms and sighed:
“Gee, I wish I had a million watermelons.”
The other man said: “Rastus, if you had a million watermelons, would you give me half of them?” “No, sir!”
“Would you give me a quarter of them?”
“No, I wouldn’t give you a quarter of them.”
“Rastus, if you had a million watermelons wouldn’t you give
me even ten of them?”
“No, sir! I wouldn’t give you ten of them.”
“Well, wouldn’t you give me one lousy watermelon?”
“Say, Sam, I wouldn’t give you even a bite of one if I had a million watermelons.” “Why not, Rastus?”
“Because you’re too lazy to wish for yourself.”

There’s much to be gleaned from that story. You’ll understand as you proceed in using your thoughts to empower your world.
“As a man think so shall he be”. Ask for what you want. Jesus gave you a parable about the old woman who went before a judge and eventually he bugged her so much he said give her what she wants otherwise she will stay here forever and drive me insane.
Be Obsessive and unwavering in your thoughts and feelings about what you want!! Always think about what you want and Not what you don’t want! God gave YOU EVERYTHING!!!!! You are Not Self-Aware because of the false-beliefs that were perpetrated upon you.

Remember, “You don’t Know what You don’t Know” Within You is the fountain of Life! Find this fountain Within YOU!

Hint….it starts by Forgiving what no one has ever done to you! YOU are All that Is! Experience this Oneness of Creation and you will never have a fear of life again! Become independent of the opinions of others. “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” Keep your Dreams and goals to yourself and only share Them with those who are not fearful believers. Your energy is generated from Within! You have all power ever Known to man! Use IT!

Every Great thing has always started and was completed by the Children of God. Forget what you read that is fearful. You were taught fear. A child is born with only two fears: loud noises and falling.

How many fears you got? They ain’t real my Brother and Sister! Go out and LIVE today! ♥

Peace and Love,
David Winter


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