Here is what is on my mind.

Here is what is on my mind. I am aware that the world is waking to a new non fear based reality. At the outset I am never looking for your ‘belief’ and neither was Jesus! Jesus wanted you to Know, He knew that if you only believed in the Truth you did not Know It.

Fear is the opposite of love. Fear is control. A mind in fear does not think properly or rationally. Fear in the mind accepts propaganda as real and true. Propaganda is used to keep you from thinking on your own. The “sequester cuts”, the “physical cliff” and whatever else appears fearful is ALL PROPAGANDA. God did not create fear so fear is NOT REAL! When you believe in something, anything it makes it appear real to you even though it is not a reality.

The only way to know salvation is to “Know thy-Self.”

Many of you know that I have been teaching about Jesus and the Kingdom that He tells you is now.  You can Never See this Kingdom when you use propaganda like the King James ‘manuscript’ as a holy text. Why do you believe this text is holy?  

Jesus is NEVER going to come again back to the earth to rule and reign, Nope, NEVER!

Christ is HERE NOW!!!

The “Second Coming” takes place in Heaven, within you. If you believe the “John of revelation” and all his fearful propaganda you are keeping the truth from you by your false-beliefs!  Listen; if Jesus was coming back He would have never left! He told His Apostles where He was going they could not go. He told them they had within them the Holy Spirit!  The Holy Spirit will Guide you to Jesus Christ if you will only begin to PRACTICE what He taught!

If Jesus “came back” they/we/you/me/I would kill Him again! Just like others who come to this hell to teach you/me/I/we/they the Truth!  The Truth is very scary to the fearful minded. Let go of everything you ever were taught and PRACTICE what Jesus taught and not what James had Saul of Tarsus teaching YOU!!

I send this to you with eternal love and forgiveness ……

Do yourself a favor today….Google….Dr. Martin L. Kings Jr’s., “Mountain Top” speech, listen to and read it. And keep in mind He was killed the next day!

Do you want Truth or fiction? The choice is yours in “time.”

Enough for today….. ❤


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