“Without the sand in the clam there would have been no pearl…

“Without the sand in the clam there would have been no pearl, without the turmoil of the cocoon there would have been no butterfly, and without the ego there would have been no Enlightenment!”

I understand that many people make a living from the bible. Many people would not know what to do without a holy book. I am not telling anyone to dismiss everything in any book, what I advocate is that you …make sure that what you “believe” in any book is in fact the Truth and not just something another ego told you was the Truth.

This is not difficult to understand when once you begin to follow the teachings of Jesus and No One Else!

Jesus teaches different from most of the other characters in the bible. You will understand this through the power and advice of Your Holy Spirit within.

I have never tried to be critical or to get you to believe another way. I understand the fear that besets a Brother or Sister when God tells them to “go into the land and See that you have power over the giants!”
Everything that has ever caused you pain has come from your belief that you cannot be healed. We listen to doctors, lawyers, mom, dad, priests, politicians and pastors who do not know the information that they are presenting is false. If anything someone else tells you is fearful It is Not So!

Look, you are the Created temple of the Almighty God!

I know I know, you would rather watch TV reruns of Sanford and Son rather than read what some guy from high school is posting on face book. Lol.

I understand this also, this is why I ask; what do YOU want? If you want to watch Sanford and Son reruns that is very cool, but it will not get you what you want! What you are really looking for can only be found within YOU! Yes, Peace and eternal happiness abides within every Created Son and Daughter of God! (no matter there taught beliefs).

ALL Power has been given YOU! YES!!!! You are unaware of this power because of false beliefs that have been instilled over hundreds of years.
If you don’t practice, you will never know.

Think about it, if you did not practice and learn, could you swim, ride a bike or play golf? No, not really, I mean you may not drowned, and you may get a few feet on the bike before you fall over and you may ever be able to drive the golf ball, but you will never do anything Consistently unless you PRACTICE that thing; Practice makes you perfect in whatever it is you want.

Jesus tells you that if you PRACTICE what He teaches you will do Greater than Him!! Do you believe that? Of course you don’t that is the problem. You do not Believe the Master!!

“BELIEVE” what Jesus teaches, not someone who has never met Jesus. Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life unto God the Father. I am not talking church here, that is so 1900’s. Church is good if you are obtaining fruit, No fruit no tree! Find another tree.

The tree of Christ has an abundant of fruit and you must go to where the tree is to See and therefore taste the fruit.

In Eternal Brotherly Love, ♥
David Winter


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