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(Forgive my typo’s, “Homeless Veterans”) My name is David Winter. I have dedicated my life to helping others less fortunate. Would you be willing to help unemployed/homeless United States Veterans? Table Traders does just that. Table Traders set up a small table and sell a prepackaged fundraising product, or by going “door to door”. This is an opportunity for you to make a difference. Veterans will no longer have to beg to eat or panhandle to find housing. This will help bring back some dignity to those who helped so many. Table Traders can earn enough money daily to take care of their basic necessities. Table traders are independent franchisees. There is No franchise fee, just a willingness to succeed and improve your life situation.

I will produce the product that will be sold by the Table Traders. They will be responsible for their own success, and I will help them. I am a U.S. Army MP veteran. I have been helping homeless and underemployed Americans for over 10 years. I developed this product and idea to help them. It is a fundraising, for profit business. The veterans will be paid on a daily basis. I will help them to succeed.

Your investment will allow me to purchase the product along with the items needed, (hats, bags, tables, banners etc..) to help the veteran get started in their own business! This in turn will allow them to begin to make the money they so desperately need.

“Caring Americans helping homeless veterans” The business will be called, “Sweet-Success”.

This will help individual homeless American veterans get off the streets!

For further information you can email me at:

~Thank You in advance for your donations and interest~


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