Jesus was not a madman.

‎”If YOU Really Really KNEW how Fantastic and Miraculously YOU were Created, and “By WHOM” YOU were Created, YOU would Never Ever FEAR AnyOne or Anything again; Judgment would be impossible and the need for FORGIVENESS would not Exist! You would Know death is a lie and the Kingdom of Heaven is Now”

This is the reason that I have this blog and why I have dedicated my life to teaching others about Love vs. fear. You are either thinking in a fear mind or a Love Mind.

Fear is the devil your ego mind and it’s ultimately not real. It is influenced by the world it sees and does not Know or understand the Oneness of Creation as God created it.

The devil is a believer out of fear. It believes in death because it sees death. The ego is in hell and does not realize it. It sees fear because it believes God made fearful things. The Truth will set you free, however you must go through your fixed beliefs to get to the Truth. Jesus teaches you how:

*FORGIVE. No matter what!
*Do Not JUDGE No matter what!
*And begin to, “give No thought about tomorrow”, No matter what!

This will ALLOW your beliefs and fears about God to diminish.
Holy books are only as good as the consciousness that reads them.
A fearful consciousness reads and experiences out of a fear mind!

Love is of the Father, Your God Mind, It’s all that is Real. It is Not influenced by the world or what it sees. It is independent of the opinions of others. It understands the Oneness of Creation. It Knows that You can Not Have enemies because Everything You SEE is a part of YOU!! ♥
The Father is a Knower out of Love. It Knows death is not real and Never Sees death. The Father is in Heaven and realizes It!

A Loving Mind in touch with the Father reads holy books and anything else and Knows, “to be in the world but not of it.”

You are in a dream of “sin and death.” It’s not real. You see what is not real because you believe it to be your Reality. If God did not Create It, it is not real and does not exist.

Jesus was not a madman. The religious rulers taught what they did not Know about. They were not willing to PRACTICE the teachings of Jesus so they saw death as real, Even Jesus’ death.

The Christ is Risen!!

{“If you don’t work you don’t eat”, is a lie from the very pit of hell itself! God will !!ALWAYS!! feed, house and clothe His Creation!! Even the homeless, unemployed and downtrodden; How many people do you Know that God “let” starve to death? ZERO!
Do not believe Everything you read, No matter what you’ve been taught or told.

Can I get an Amen? 🙂

More to follow. . . ♥


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