1 John 2:15-17 “Be in the world but not of it”

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We are in a dream. Where we believe that we are separate from everyone else. We are not separate but the body makes it appear as though we are.

The remedy for this perceived duality is Unconditional Forgiveness, “70×7”.

The “mind” attacks the body, believing that it, the mind, is a body. It does this to act out its plan for salvation. Its plan for salvation is another body to love, or more green paper strips and metal discs, or a bigger house, better car etc…

The body is the home of the ego, but it is not here. The body is an illusion. This is “foolishness” to those who keep and believe that they have “enemies”. To have an enemy is to Be IN the world and apart of it. When you have no more enemies you will see what these eyes were never intended to see!

This is why to be a disciple of the Risen Christ we MUST “Love Thy enemies” and search our heart to forgive those to which you hold anger. Anger is an attack on God. Anger is not real and made of judgment.  Anger appears to be real because the mind that gets “angry” is sick.

Unconditional Forgiveness heals the mind of judgment which is fear.

Anger is fear taken out on ourselves, unknown by us. Fear and anger are insane. We always attack ourselves first, we MUST remember this. We judge or “attack” others (in our mind) to protect an ego that does not exist in reality. This judgment is what makes the body feel bad. This judgment is the cause of all sickness and disease.

 The body does not like the way it feels because judgment is not natural for a Son of God. A Son of God realizes His Fathers protection and begins to listen to the Voice of Forgiveness and no longer the egos voice of judgment.

This in turn renews Vision and shows us what our eyes could never see.



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We are free to “save” ourselves but it takes a willingness to Forgive. We Must Forgive Everyone, ALL THE TIME, for Everything, or 70X7.

Theology is not religion. Religion is the practical application of the theology taught.

Church talks a “theology” but does not understand the theology it “talks” about.

A “religion” is a method of attaining something of value. For example; a good gardener “religiously” waters and cares for their garden.”
The religion of Jesus Christ Is UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS!!!

Unconditional Forgiveness Restores the mind back to love. This restoring or renewing of the mind Is the kingdom of heaven.

We have to want to learn Forgiveness. Forgiveness is acquired the same way judgment was. We were not created inherently judgmental. We learned judgment from those around us as we grew up. Judgment is fear, Forgiveness Is Love, ❤
Forgiveness Works!!

The EGO or “devil”, wants to blame and is the judgmental aspect of our consciousness. When we blame “others” we stay Blinded by our own judgment and do not experience the Oneness Jesus Christ tells us is possible for us, here and now.

Unconditional Forgiveness releases “blame”, and allows the Holy Spirit to Show us a new Vision ❤

We can tell by the way we “FEEL” if we are in a Forgiving mind or a judgmental mind. By this “FEELING” we can tell if we are on the narrow path.
When we do not like the “FEELING”, we have strayed from the path.
We Must now recognize that we have “projected the illusion” (no one else did) which is causing us to “FEEL BAD.” FORGIVENESS In that moment releases our judgment, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to heal our sick mind that judged.

All judgment is self judgment.

Forgiveness Is the key that unlocks the door to Your World.


The Atonement IS the undoing of false beliefs, beginning with the false belief in death. The world we see holds nothing that is eternal. As we accept the Atonement for ourselves we release the hold the EGO had on the Holy Spirit, this paves the way for the “Salvation of Christ!”

The Salvation of Christ Is first the recognition that; “I do not know how to get to heaven, I only believed I did.” This takes a willingness to go through the “fear of God” concepts that we have held for generations. The “fear of God” Is the fear of love. We will never fully love that which we are afraid of.

Jesus teaches that He Is the Atonement! He “Atoned” for our “sins” or (mis-thoughts) and all you have to do to accept this Atonement is to have faith that Christ is within you, and He Will make Himself known by you, via “The Holy Spirit.”

Ask Christ to reveal Himself to you and He will. Of course this seems like nonsense even to “believer’s” of the holy bible. Jesus taught His followers; “The Kingdom of God Is Within you.” Or, “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven Is at hand!” Repent was meant 2000 years ago, to mean, GO THE OTHER WAY!

Within You, is the eternal life you seek. Within You, is the Realization that the “Second Coming of Jesus” IS the Resurrection of Christ within You!

Eternal Love Is all that Is Real and It Is Within YOU!

God IS remembered in the silence

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Think of the caterpillar for a moment. He has no idea of Gods plan to glorify it by giving him wings to fly!
How much more valuable are you to the salvation of the world than a caterpillar?

We are Eagles who have not yet learned to fly.
Just as the caterpillar must surrender to the cocoon, we must submit to, and surrender to our Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit Is within the kingdom of God, and His kingdom is within you.

Learn to Be Still.

Many sincere Christians have not yet realized that if they harbor attack thoughts, by not forgiving their enemies, they cannot hear the Voice for Christ. He came when they invited Him in to save them. They did not fully welcome Him due to their “false beliefs” about their Creative Source, God.

“Beliefs” are a cover up for what we do not Know. We only form beliefs because we are afraid of God.

God Is Love.

If we believe in a “god of hellfire”, or in a “god” who drowns children in a “great flood”, we have succumb to a false belief about our Loving Heavenly Father. How then can anyone know that Christ has risen within the kingdom of God if they do not seek for Him there, “believing” He is out of reach?
This was done intentionally and generationally. The confusion resulting from king James’ version of “holy text” is incalculable. 41,000 Different organized religions from 1 book. And every one of them “believes” they have found the Truth.

Ask a Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, a 7th Day Adventist, JW, well you get the picture, and every organization will have a different “belief” about “holy scripture”, but All of them “believe” they are “going to heaven.”

The reason for this confusion is the looking to the future for what Jesus Christ teaches His disciples is available to them here now.

As we ask the risen Christ to reveal Himself to us, we begin to experience the Truth that sets a man free!

The future is imaginary. Everyone knows this but very few accept this. No one is promised a future. As we surrender (remember the cocoon), the Holy Spirit can renew our minds to show us a new version of life. One that we intend, and not one that is thrust upon us.

Keep your faith in Christ, and He will reveal His Presence to You! He will Do Everything for us, all we need “do” is Believe in His teachings by putting them into practical application in our everyday lives.

Unconditional Forgiveness, 70×7, is the method Lord Jesus tells us will undo our false beliefs about Him, His Father and the Holy Spirit. Showing us that the second coming of Jesus Is the resurrection of Christ within the Kingdom of God

Holy Spirit = your “Higher Consciousness”

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The Answer lies within the Kingdom of God. The second coming of Jesus Is the resurrection of Christ within the Kingdom of God, and that Kingdom Is within YOU!

~The Holy Spirit will remind You if you will listen that this is your life, your eternity, and Your Self~
This is a deep teaching of Jesus, reserved for when you have accepted the Truth of FORGIVENESS.
You understand FORGIVENESS now except the devil makes you think FORGIVENESS is not fair. “Another” does you wrong, so why should you FORGIVE “them”, “they” should FORGIVE “you!” FORGIVENESS will allow you to by-pass the devil on the way to your Father.
Anyone reading this, anyone, religious or not, if you will understand that ‘all judgment is self judgment’ it will be easier to practice the teachings of Jesus. Jesus would say, the scales will fall away from your Eyes and you will be Blind no more when you do not judge another, as another!

Pastors are needed more than ever at this ‘time’ in the world. I Know this has often been said…

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“Addiction”, The Great Lie!

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Revised for YOU!

The Great Lie ? You ask. Yes, The Great Lie.

No one is addicted to anything. Addiction is a symptom of fear, fear is the dis-ease. When  the mind is not at-ease it is in dis-ease.

When the fear is eliminated by understanding that there is NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF, the insane behavior, drugs, gambling, etc.. goes away on its own. We ‘do addictive stuff’ TV even, to occupy the mind.

By quieting the mind in meditation we See why we did what we did not want to do.

I will explain this in a way that if you want to understand you will. If you have the ears to hear this please hear this:

It’s one thing to say I AM an alcoholic, or I AM a drug addict, or I AM an over eater. Then on top of that we have been taught to believe that we…

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Be only helpful

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You are all there is. Meaning, that everything you look upon is One with you. Forgiveness will show you this. Forgiveness reconciles judgment and ‘shows’ you what your judgment hid from you.   

The body as you are currently experiencing it was not here 100 years ago, and will not be here 100 years from now.

All suffering comes from the belief that the body is eternal. The body is not eternal and was Not created by God, it was made by the ego. The ego is the body, made to take the place of God; and the personality contained within the body was made to take the place for the Voice for God or the Holy Spirit; and fear is its ‘spirit’ that has come to take the place of the Spirit of God which is Love.

“Hell” is fear. Just as “Heaven” is the absence of fear. We transcend fear by our willingness to FORGIVE. Forgiveness is the method or “religion” of Christ Jesus. Forgiveness is the extension of Love until forgiveness (70×7), is no longer needed. Unconditional Forgiveness restores the mind back to where it was prior to fear entering in. Fear is the reason for all the insanity that you see in your world. Fear is what has produced sickness, war, and addiction, and ‘other’ insane symbols of unreality. Reality is experienced as fearless. There is no fear in Love. Would you not go through fear to find Love?

The body has taken control of the mind. The body dictates to the mind what it wants and what it needs. The body is an insane symbol used to take the place of EVERYTHING! The You Created by God our Father is Everything and Everywhere. The real You is the Christ Consciousness. To obtain the awareness of the ‘real You’ we Must be willing to question every concept or belief that we have been taught or told is true.

“Addiction” for example is a symptom of fear, fear is the disease, and addiction is the symptom. The symptom DISAPPEARS as we come to the realization that we were cognitively disassociated with the truth.

“Cognitive dissociation” is believing something that is Not true and then Acting as though it is true.  

Another example of cognitive dissociation is the concept of “hellfire.” Hellfire has been used to keep spiritual slaves in exile from their creative Source since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. It is my attempt in this post to show that suffering is needless and all suffering is self-induced, perpetrated by the unawareness of, the true nature of reality.

Contempt prior to investigation is what keeps the son of man in everlasting ignorance, and from becoming aware that he is fact the Son of God.

In closing, meditation is the key that brings joy and happiness. The reason is simply because you begin to understand that All the thoughts that you are aware of are meaningless. Then you come into the realization that you are not alone. This is not some form of mental illness or schizophrenia. The Voice for our creative Source is within the ‘kingdom of God’ that Is within YOU.

 The second coming of Jesus Is the resurrection of Christ within YOU!  

It’s not of this World Beloved

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The Prophet Mohammed called it “Paradise”, Buddha called it “Nirvana”, and Jesus the Christ called it the “Kingdom of Heaven.”
They were all referring to a state of consciousness that is not of this world; yet it can be experienced in this world.

  Many “believe”, and falsely, that eternal peace and happiness is obtained after the death of the body. Using just a little reason can show us that the body is not ultimately real. It, the body, was not here 100 years ago, and it will not be here 100 years from now.


Keeping this in mind, lets see why we believe, what we believe. “Believers”, no matter their “religions” all believe in the possibility of an after death punishment for “non-believers.”

Beliefs are a cover up for the fear of God. Why are we afraid of our creative source? The reason is, we have been generationally brainwashed to “blindly believe” that God is vengeful. Because we “believe” that the body is real, we form “beliefs” to protect it after death. “Hellfire” for example was invented by the Pharaoh to keeps his spiritual slaves in slavery.
The threat of an “after death punishment” by God has kept men in bondage for an unimaginable expanse of time. Why does no one question their “holy book?” Why do men blindly believe in the Torah, Koran or Bible? Fear. This is not by accident. Spiritual slavery keeps men in bondage without their awareness or knowledge of this bondage. No one believes that they have been brainwashed. It fact, the EGO is so proud, that it “believes” it cannot be brainwashed. The EGO is that part of our consciousness that Christ calls the “devil.”

How do we “undo” brainwashing? First we must realize that to judge another is to be dishonest. To judge properly we would have to have All the facts, past, present and to come. A man who is brainwashed “believes” that if someone does not “believe” as they do, then they are wrong.

Unconditional forgiveness reconciles judgment. So, unconditional forgiveness (7ox7), restores the mind back to reason. What reason does an all loving creator have to punish His creation? He doesn’t. That would make the creator insane. Religion has made an image of God in their own likeness.

The three major religions of the world do not use reason when trying to understand God. This too is not by accident. Reason would clearly show that to drown children in a “great flood” would be insane. God creating something then killing it?!?

Life is eternal. Love is eternal. The mind is sick that believes to harm another is sane. If the religion’s of this world realized this, war would end. A Christian who “believes” it is ok to go to war, is suffering from insanity, and is very much unaware of his sickness because of the generational brainwashing produced by the blind belief in the king of England’s religious manifesto entitled the “holy bible.” Nor do they realize that the second coming of Jesus is the resurrection of Christ within them!

We Must seek to know ourselves. We can only know ourselves by “Asking our-Self.”
Our Self is contained within our current “personality” or consciousness. Asking, is done by allowing the mind to be stilled in silence, with the intent of obtaining Truth. This is not “hearing voices”, or a form of mental illness. It is faith in what Jesus teaches His disciples, that, “the kingdom of God Is within YOU.” It the Truth that sets them Free!

MEDITATION is the key to knowledge. Knowledge of this world by men of this world is nonsense. Knowledge of Paradise is real knowledge. Because real Knowledge produces wisdom, and Wisdom is Experiential Knowledge.

Faith in a religion or method that does not produce the sought after result, i.e. inner peace, joy or happiness is a false religion. The “religion” or method of Jesus of Nazareth, Is UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS.

Unconditional Forgiveness renews the mind, forgiveness Renews Your MIND!

Jesus has been called by many names over the centuries. He was a man like you and I. He examined consciousness from the inside out, not from the outside in. By doing this He came to a Self realization that He was “One with Everything.”
Realizing this, He wanted Everyone to know. The religious rulers of His day, like today, were extremely judgmental. For fear they would lose their perceived power. And they did! Henceforth the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

But that is only half the story. Jesus resurrected and is within Everyone’s consciousness who Asks for His Guidance!  Of course this is foolish nonsense to a  society that believes war is OK. War is insanity!

This world was given to us/YOU by y/our “Father in Heaven.” Jesus taught God as masculine Because He was teaching to generationally brainwashed “believers” of the Torah who viewed God as masculine.
(Jesus knew all holy books are dead letters.) God is not in a book, He is within His Consciousness that is “within you.” Jesus teaches His disciples that the “kingdom of heaven is within You!”

King James church is the result of a systematic, generational brainwashing campaign that began over 400 years ago, (1611).
When Christians realize Jesus Is within the kingdom of God, Now, and that His kingdom Is within them, they will experience the second coming of Christ, and the sham of the “holy bible” will be recognized.

To become aware of the salvation of Christ we must accept His Atonement. The Atonement, is the undoing of false beliefs. Christ Atoned by His resurrection, not by the crucifixion. Very few experience the resurrected Savior because they do not “Love Thy enemies!!” We have NO ENEMIES we only “believe” we do.

Let me digress for a moment. Television is the modern-day “holy bible.” Television is a “propaganda machine.” Television is a drug. A drug used to brainwash the minds of men so they never become the Sons of God!

As we render unto the world what is the world’s, we are brought closer to the awareness of heaven. Heaven is not a place, it is a “state of being” that this world knows very little about.

There is a transformation of consciousness that takes place within the mind of the disciple that is intellectually unbelievable. This transformation is akin to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Imagine a butterfly trying to explain flight to a caterpillar, and you see the dilemma that Christ faced in His attempt to teach the “believers” of His day about “heaven.”