I Will Step Back and let Him lead the way. . .

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To “Step Back” is to move forward, just in a different way. “Letting” is allowing Him to “lead the way.” You do not know the way. You have blindly believed, because of false family generational religious beliefs, that you know the way. “The Way” is not out here and it is not of this world. What you believe to be your outside world is your current state of mind. As we Step Back and let the Resurrected Christ take His rightful place within our current consciousness in the form of the Holy Spirit, we begin to properly understand scripture and are no longer apart of the blind leading the blind to death, but are in fact apart of the Great Awakening of the Resurrected Savior the Blessed Lord Jesus Christ ~
We MUST begin to cultivate a state of awareness for the Voice of the Holy Spirit that is within the Kingdom of God (Luke 17). This awareness comes as a result of wanting to love instead of hate or harm our “perceived” enemies. We have No “enemies.” However, because of judgment we do not know this truth that sets us free. Unconditional 70X7 Forgiveness kept consciously in mind, is the white flag of surrender the warrior for the Risen Christ flies on his or her way to the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus tells us is here now within us. You will not die because you cannot die.
You may read or hear tomorrow that “David Winter” or someone else died. But understand YOU DID NOT “die.” This knowledge, and I assure you that it is in fact knowledge, (the knowledge of deathlessness) of Christ’s disciples is what sets them free.
We have one bible and 41,000 different religious beliefs from that one bible and All the sons of man ‘think’ that what they blindly believe about the bible and what is in the bible is the truth. What church based on the king of England’s 1611 bible for the church of England is the truth? Is it your Catholic church? your Mormon church? your 7th Day Advent church? your Methodist church? your Greek Orthodox church? your Presbyterian church? your Baptist church? your First Assembly of God church? your Jehovah Witness church? your Evangelical Non Denominational church? or is it in fact your church?  Who has the truth that sets them free. Are you free of the fear of death and the wrath of God?
The Atonement is a mental process of undoing via unconditional forgiveness, whereby, when complete, shows the disciple of Jesus that Heaven is here now and not after a physical death. Just as Jesus Christ taught all who would listen 2000 years ago. He will teach all who will listen to His Holy Spirit NOW within the Kingdom of God. To “love thy enemies” is to have lost the power to wound, anyone, in thought, word, or deed. This losing the power to wound or loving thy enemies, renews and restores the mind to its rightful place among the Saints or Sonship of our Father. This releases us from all fear. This unconditional forgiveness shows us that we are in fact in danger No where in this world, BECAUSE HE overcame this world of sin and death.
I look forward to any and all responses to this email. You will know that the teachings of Christ Jesus put into practical application in your life are the way to the knowledge of eternal life and the Salvation of Jesus Christ.
“ye shall know (not blindly believe) the truth and that truth shall set you free.” Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago.
He Has Risen and He is here now~
David and Jane
PS> WE have a mission and will travel. . .
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The world we appear to live in is not real

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 The world we appear to live in is not real. It is not real because it is not eternal.

“Be in the world but not of this world,” is a call to the disciples of Jesus Christ to let this world go! It is not eternally real and therefore it is not your home. Your home is where Christ is. And Christ is within the Kingdom of God. And the Kingdom of God is within your current consciousness now, not after you “die.”

This world is a trick, a slight of hand. Before we can ever understand the teachings of Jesus Christ we must put His teachings into practical application. First, we MUST LOVE OUR ENEMIES! As you begin to forgive everyone, thus love everyone, you will SEE that this world is not what you thought it was before you began to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

You come to realize that it is your mind that is responsible for what you see and hear not your eyes and ears, thus the blessed lord Jesus tells His disciples these eyes will never see and these ears will never hear.

So then how do we maneuver in this world if we cannot see or hear? Jesus Christ teaches us to listen to His Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God. It is not another voice. It is not schizophrenic in nature. The Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God is in fact your Higher Consciousness.

This Holy Spirit KNOWS THAT YOU ARE IN DANGER NO WHERE IN THIS WORLD! Your ego or lower consciousness who blindly believes insane concepts about our Heavenly Father is unaware of this Holy Spirit of Christ because it is afraid of God. The ego is afraid of God because of generational family religious beliefs about God.
Unconditional “70X7” forgiveness heals the mind of this traumatic fear of God. If you blindly believe for example that God kills His creation for Any reason, you become insane due to fear. This insanity is the reason we have Born Again Christians going to war and killing there enemies.

Very few are aware of the complete insanity and hypocrisy of a man or woman who professes Jesus Christ to be their savior and goes to war or condones the use of violence on another. The disciple of Christ Jesus has lost the power to wound by his or her own willingness to unconditionally forgive any wrong doing even if they were to “crucify you.”

You can never be crucified because you have been saved. Jesus Christ gave us the Greatest example of unconditional forgiveness. He asks His disciples to unconditionally forgive everyone under far less extreme circumstances. This will prove to the follower of Christ Jesus that He has in fact resurrected within the Kingdom of God.

Start right where you are now. Jesus Christ said, “The Kingdom of God is within you!” Luke 17. Test the Spirit of Christ and see if He is within you. Test the Spirit of Christ by loving thus forgiving your enemies and see for yourself if He has in fact resurrected in God’s Kingdom.

You will not taste of death because it is a concept held by the ego / devil out of its fear of God. When the disciples mind is renewed IT is restored to sanity. When this dawning occurs during the Atonement process you become aware of the insanity of harming anyone Especially your “enemies.”

In closing, You have No enemies you only believe you do. Your savior knows this for you. But YOU MUST CALL ON HIM OR YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THAT HE IS HERE NOW.
Pray to the Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God to heal your mind and unbelief.
The Second Coming of Jesus is the resurrection of Christ within the Kingdom of God.
He Has Risen. . . !
He rose over 2000 years ago and He never left. . . !

Easter is NOW!

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If Jesus Christ stood before us today in front of our church at the pulpit and asked the congregation, “Do you Love your enemies?” And, “Do you forgive everyone all the time for EVERYTHING, or as I taught Peter, 70X7?” How many of us could He grant the “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Eternal Life” to?

We have been greatly deceived about the message of Jesus Christ for over 400 years.
His message is Eternal Life, not after you die a physical death, but Now. Of course this is utter and complete insanity to those among us who could not answer the first two questions, “Yes Lord we do!”

You see, to “go to war” and to “kill your enemies” is anti Christ, and the Voice of the Holy Spirit is drowned out by wanting to seek vengeance. Vengeance Is Gods.

Unconditional Forgiveness restores the mind to sanity by removing judgment. We cannot judge. Our judgment is not good at best.

The Father gave us a Holy Spirit when our Savior ascended to Heaven. The Holy Spirit is the “Great Comforter” promised by Jesus Christ. He is here, and He is Now.

To know the truth that sets us free, we Must practice, Unconditional Forgiveness. There is no other way for the “Christian” follows of Christ Jesus to experience the Kingdom of Heaven.

As you begin to make an attempt to “love your enemies” the ego does not like it. The Holy Spirits’ home is the “Kingdom of God” or the Mind. The egos home is the body. The body is not eternal, mind is. The mind has to be stilled of all the fearful, judgmental mind chatter of the ego. This is accomplished by our willingness to Forgive, thus Love our enemies. Simple. Just not easy. We must take the Burch rod to ourselves. No one can eat our food for us.

You are not alone in the Atonement process. The Holy Spirit needs your faith in Him to heal your mind. If we feel the need to harm our enemies in any way, we will not enter Heaven in this life, or the next. All mental illness is rooted in judgment.

We are mentally ill Christians if we believe Jesus Christ taught kill thy enemies.

The reason Dr. Martin Luther King could do what he did was because he was a follower and “practicer” of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Unconditional Forgiveness takes great spiritual courage. And that courage comes from the Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of God. Luke 17

The concept of enemies is unknown in Heaven because Gods Creation is one. We are all one. One is confusing to those who see two. The reason for the paradox is our insane judgment brought about by fear.

There is no fear in perfect love. Perfect love casts out all fear. Seek your Father, and the devil flees. Forgiveness silences the ego by our willingness to listen to the Holy Spirit and His call to love.

We are spirit. God is spirit. To know God we must seek Him in spirit. Spirit is consciousness. Consciousness is the medium created by our Father to know Him. Lord Jesus Christ rules this spiritual consciousness, not with fear but with love.  He is an equal ruler. Meaning, He wants to give you the Kingdom via His Atonement.

The Atonement undoes all our “sin” or mis-thinking of the past. Showing us a world our eyes could never see. Your guilt is gone, He atoned for all our mistakes, past and future.
However, to understand the true meaning of the teachings of Jesus Christ we MUST UNCONDITIONALLY FORGIVE EVERYONE.

In closing, we are free. Jesus Christ has freed us. But knowing this is not enough. We must experience Salvation to understand the Atonement completely.

Imagine what it would be like to live with no worries, and no cares. To be peaceful and happy all day everyday. Never to be sick, and never to be afraid of the future. If we can imagine that, we are beginning to understand the substantial nature of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

The cure for addiction is in your mind.

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The cure for addiction is in your mind.
No one is addicted to anything. “Addiction” is a symptom of fear.
Like all mental illness its source is fear. However, the “cause” of the fear which produced the symptom of addiction is Not real.
Anything you say “I AM” to you become, even if it is not true. So, to say and believe ” I am an addict” is insanity. The reason for the insanity is cognitive dissociation. Cognitive dissociation is believing something that is not true and then “acting” as though it is. This produces a deep sense of unworthiness in the mind of the believer. Because he or she blindly believes that this symptom/’condition’ is life long, which is entirely untrue.
If we have been telling ourselves for many years, in meetings and to friends and family, that we are addicted, when we begin to say “I AM NOT AN ADDICT” it is at first frightening because we do not believe it, being that we have deceived ourselves for so long.
 IT IS however THE TRUTH that sets us FREE!
It becomes easer and easer to say “I AM NOT AN ADDICT.” And as times goes by, your behavior will change and reflect this new thought. This will induce a freedom and happiness that surpasses all intellectual understanding and in time will return to your life to you. Every time you remind your self, “I AM NOT ADDICTED TO ANYTHING” you step closer and closer to the elimination of fear. Which produced the belief that addiction was real.
Seek you first the Kingdom of God that is within you and then all things will be added unto you. We have persisted in trying to “add all things” without looking where the Great one told us to look. The Holy Spirit is in your mind as a conscious Helper in a very literal sense. The Holy Spirit overcomes the false perception that you have held about yourself. He does this by assisting you in changing your mind about yourself. To the ego or “believer” in addiction this is all quite foolish and unbelievable, that does not matter. If you will put into practical application the teaching you are about to read, you will be convinced that all addiction was nothing more that a belief in fear. Fear NOT!
Contempt prior to investigation keeps men and women in everlasting ignorance.
   The realization that we were never addicted and only afraid of our thoughts, due to our false beliefs brought about by cognitive dissociation, enables us to stop attending “meetings” that continue to induce improper thinking. Now time is spent in learning to quiet the mind that thought is was addicted, and which produced the self-imposed prison of addiction. The believer’s in addiction never felt “better” in their addiction they only felt “different”. This was because while engaged in the insane behavior of addiction their mind was quieted of the badgering thoughts centered around the blind belief “I am an addict.”
   You have Help. This is not church. Jesus Christ is the ultimate cognitive therapist. He Atoned or undid for all improper thinking (sin), of which “addiction” is the most prevalent. When you REPEAT: “I AM NOT AN ADDICT” it will be the Holy Spirit Who will comfort you through the Atonement process of which the resurrected Christ Jesus is in charge of.
   Be not concerned with relapse. “Relapse” is and was Only a symptom of the belief that you were addicted. Before a relapse occurs fear has entered. The Holy Spirit will dispel the fear that produces a relapse if you will continue to call in FAITH (at first) upon the Risen Savior within the Kingdom of God that is with you.  He will respond to the slightest invitation for help, but Remember YOU Must call on Him or you will not know that He is there. The more you call on Him the more your Faith in Him will be and the more your life become a means of teaching others, who were like you, that they themselves were never addicted to anything, only greatly deceived.
    You will come to a quick and easy realization that He Is helping you. The second coming of Jesus Christ is not after you die, on no! The Second Coming of Jesus is the awareness of the resurrected Christ within the “Kingdom of God” that Is within you. (Luke 17)
   What you are reading is not some form of misinformation to be dis-guarded. If you will put the teachings of Jesus Christ into practical application into your life, NOW, you will quickly become aware of the insanity and sadness of blindly believing that you were ever addicted to anything. Begin by FORGIVING everyone all of the time for everything. Start with yourself. You will release the guilt of the past by FORGIVING yourself unconditionally. FORGIVENESS is “anointed” by Christ Jesus. It is His method of releasing the mind from the hell we mage of our life. You Must be a “guiltless learner” by forgetting All your past mistakes. They are Not here, and they are Not NOW! If guilt resurfaces in your mind, quickly allow then Holy Spirit to dispel it by calling upon the Risen Savior Lord Jesus Christ. You will begin to feel Born Again with a new lease on life without the heavy burden of addiction weighing on your mind. To be Born Again is to realize that Jesus did in fact ascend unto the Father, for you.
FORGIVENESS held unconditionally in mind will release you from all fear by keeping your mind in the here and now. Surrender all your thoughts “good and bad” to Him and He will do the rest. Be Not concerned with earning large stacks of green paper strips and metal discs that this world calls valuable. He will supply ALL your needs as you step back and let Him lead that way. When you DO NOTHING you allow Him to do Everything though you. He will not leave you comfortless. This is YOUR TIME TO HEAL.
In closing, addiction is a mockery of the Sons and Daughters of God. God knows nothing of addiction, only its cure. And the cure for addiction in any form is the realization that it was never true. Say to yourself upon rising everyday: “Day by day in every way my life gets better and better.” And it will be so. You have willed that the Kingdom of God be made aware for you and the Holy Spirit cannot but fulfill that request.  The Father has sent you a Comforter in the name of Jesus Christ!
Enjoy your new life and Never ever doubt that you have been abandoned by your Creator. He sent a Savior and that Savior has saved you. All you need now is to believe, not in addiction but in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He Has Risen…

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Jesus said to them:
“Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill.” (Matt. v. 17.)
In these few words of Christ, He spoke volumes. He Had fulfilled their Law. He was the “Messiah” the law had spoken of.

“Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth.” (Rom. x. 4.)

 In Romans, St.Paul  teaches us, that we are no longer under any obligation to the law if we will believe Jesus Christ’s words and put them into practical application in our life; in our mind!
We will for this writing understand the “law” to be the books of Moses, or the Torah, or king James’, “old Testament.” The law referring to what you had to do to stay in good favor with the “God of the law.” When “the law” is mentioned in the Bible, it harks back to the days of the Old Testament. There are hundreds of commands given to the Israelites, but the phrase “the law” refers specifically to the compilation of decrees found in the first five books of the Bible. This whole body of law was given the name Torah.

Our Father is Not the God of the law, man is. The law was written by men for men. The law in its ‘inception’ was to help point the way to “paradise”, and of the coming Messiah, Not after they (the Israelites) died, but now.

The Son of God is the exalted son of man. “Man” is a temporary state of understanding consciousness. Meaning, that when Jesus taught them that they would “do greater” than He, He was implying that if they would practice unconditional forgiveness, (70X7) and Love Thy enemies, He, through His Holy Spirit, would exalt them to the knowledge of their Son of God status and they would receive their Inheritance. The knowledge of Eternal Life!

King James’ did humanity a great disservice when he combined the teachings of Jesus Christ with “the law,” or “the old testament.” The teachings of Jesus Christ when practiced stand on their own merits. His teachings “renew your mind”. There is no need for an “old testament” when you realize Christ Has risen, and that He awaits your recognition of Him within the kingdom of God that Is within each and every one of us. Of course this is as “FOOLISH” now as it was over 2000 years ago.

St. Paul is telling the Jews, “The law has been fulfilled!” We have been saved by Christ Jesus Now, not after we “die”. Simple observation shows us that “the body” is not permanent; the body was not here 100 years ago, and it won’t be here 100 years hence. When we grasp the understanding that Jesus teaches us of an inner kingdom and is in no way concerned with the laws of man, we begin to understand the confusion raised by “king James version”.  Mans laws are for this world, “be in it, but Not of it”, or in other words, “I have OVERCOME the world, you need not have challenges or problems, be Happy.”
However, to experience this freedom or “peace that surpasses all intellectual understanding” we MUST LOVE THY ENEMIES. The reason is simply, we have none. These eyes were never meant to see. We judge a perfect creation, or the creation of God for us, as messed up or dysfunctional, and wonder why we are not happy. We are not happy because king James’ “holy-bible” never taught us that the Messiah came 2000 years ago and HE NEVER LEFT!!

If you will take the time to “Google” the king James bible and (“seek until you find”), you will come to see that since its beginning in 1611 to date we have OVER 41,000 different religions based on “his version”. Every one of which “blindly believe” that they have “the truth“.
Who in fact has the truth? A Catholic, A Baptist, A Methodist, A Mormon, A 7th Day Adventist, A JW, etc, etc, etc,…well you get the picture. If this was a “math book” it does not add up and we would have tossed it out a long time ago. The blind continue to lead the blind. This is frightening to sons of men who have been generationally programmed to blindly believe every “jot and tittle” king James put in “his version”. We would but laugh if President Obama, President Bush, President H. Clinton, or President D. Trump came up with “their version” and TOLD us we must believe it or?. I say this only for the recognition of the complete insanity to blindly believe ANYTHING the leaders of this world put forth for the masses to “believe”.
The Kingdom of God Is within YOU!~

It would make us tremble and cause us great distress if we all of a sudden realized the Truth of Christ!! Our long held generational religious beliefs of (400 years) need to be put into question individually by each and every disciple of Jesus Christ. No longer should a 1600 king of England’s version of a religious manifesto entitled a “holy-bible” be the standard.

In closing, we have wandered far from home Pastor T. However, we have a Risen Savior for all those that “believeth” in Him, not in the kings holy book, but who believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 “Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.”
St. Augustine

1 John 2:15-17 “Be in the world but not of it”

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We are in a dream. Where we believe that we are separate from everyone else. We are not separate but the body makes it appear as though we are.

The remedy for this perceived duality is Unconditional Forgiveness, “70×7”.

The “mind” attacks the body, believing that it, the mind, is a body. It does this to act out its plan for salvation. Its plan for salvation is another body to love, or more green paper strips and metal discs, or a bigger house, better car etc…

The body is the home of the ego, but it is not here. The body is an illusion. This is “foolishness” to those who keep and believe that they have “enemies”. To have an enemy is to Be IN the world and apart of it. When you have no more enemies you will see what these eyes were never intended to see!

This is why to be a disciple of the Risen Christ we MUST “Love Thy enemies” and search our heart to forgive those to which you hold anger. Anger is an attack on God. Anger is not real and made of judgment.  Anger appears to be real because the mind that gets “angry” is sick.

Unconditional Forgiveness heals the mind of judgment which is fear.

Anger is fear taken out on ourselves, unknown by us. Fear and anger are insane. We always attack ourselves first, we MUST remember this. We judge or “attack” others (in our mind) to protect an ego that does not exist in reality. This judgment is what makes the body feel bad. This judgment is the cause of all sickness and disease.

 The body does not like the way it feels because judgment is not natural for a Son of God. A Son of God realizes His Fathers protection and begins to listen to the Voice of Forgiveness and no longer the egos voice of judgment.

This in turn renews Vision and shows us what our eyes could never see.


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We are free to “save” ourselves but it takes a willingness to Forgive. We Must Forgive Everyone, ALL THE TIME, for Everything, or 70X7.

Theology is not religion. Religion is the practical application of the theology taught.

Church talks a “theology” but does not understand the theology it “talks” about.

A “religion” is a method of attaining something of value. For example; a good gardener “religiously” waters and cares for their garden.”
The religion of Jesus Christ Is UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS!!!

Unconditional Forgiveness Restores the mind back to love. This restoring or renewing of the mind Is the kingdom of heaven.

We have to want to learn Forgiveness. Forgiveness is acquired the same way judgment was. We were not created inherently judgmental. We learned judgment from those around us as we grew up. Judgment is fear, Forgiveness Is Love, ❤
Forgiveness Works!!

The EGO or “devil”, wants to blame and is the judgmental aspect of our consciousness. When we blame “others” we stay Blinded by our own judgment and do not experience the Oneness Jesus Christ tells us is possible for us, here and now.

Unconditional Forgiveness releases “blame”, and allows the Holy Spirit to Show us a new Vision ❤

We can tell by the way we “FEEL” if we are in a Forgiving mind or a judgmental mind. By this “FEELING” we can tell if we are on the narrow path.
When we do not like the “FEELING”, we have strayed from the path.
We Must now recognize that we have “projected the illusion” (no one else did) which is causing us to “FEEL BAD.” FORGIVENESS In that moment releases our judgment, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to heal our sick mind that judged.

All judgment is self judgment.

Forgiveness Is the key that unlocks the door to Your World.


The Atonement IS the undoing of false beliefs, beginning with the false belief in death. The world we see holds nothing that is eternal. As we accept the Atonement for ourselves we release the hold the EGO had on the Holy Spirit, this paves the way for the “Salvation of Christ!”

The Salvation of Christ Is first the recognition that; “I do not know how to get to heaven, I only believed I did.” This takes a willingness to go through the “fear of God” concepts that we have held for generations. The “fear of God” Is the fear of love. We will never fully love that which we are afraid of.

Jesus teaches that He Is the Atonement! He “Atoned” for our “sins” or (mis-thoughts) and all you have to do to accept this Atonement is to have faith that Christ is within you, and He Will make Himself known by you, via “The Holy Spirit.”

Ask Christ to reveal Himself to you and He will. Of course this seems like nonsense even to “believer’s” of the holy bible. Jesus taught His followers; “The Kingdom of God Is Within you.” Or, “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven Is at hand!” Repent was meant 2000 years ago, to mean, GO THE OTHER WAY!

Within You, is the eternal life you seek. Within You, is the Realization that the “Second Coming of Jesus” IS the Resurrection of Christ within You!

Eternal Love Is all that Is Real and It Is Within YOU!