At the end of Everything, “all events”, you realize nothing becomes of anything

That being said; anything, past or future, that you are afraid of right now is insanity. The past never happened. You perceive the past because you believe in the past. Children Do Not view or see the past as adults do. As children we forget past harms, as adults we judge them thus never realizing there insignificance, never letting them go. Harm is fear, and fear has never been real, realizing “at the end of everything, you realize nothing becomes of anything”.

Joy is aroused at the thought of Nothing to fear. Do not fear the future, fall in love with the now. Nothing lasts in this dream, and you will be ok with this knowledge when you realize ITS ALL YOU, and ITS ALL FOR YOU!! Forgiveness 70X7 of the past and future will guide you into the realization of “the Now”.

Lastly, The future IS imagined! Is it not?

What do you WANT 2 C ?


David W.


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