We have a “deathless” Savior in Jesus Christ

What do we need to be saved from?

Not “Who”, but WHAT do we need to be saved from?

king James Christians blindly believed and falsely that they needed to be saved from the wrath of God.
This insanity was brought about by the blind belief that Jesus Christ was tortured and ultimately crucified for their shortcomings. They Did NOT PRACTICE WHAT JESUS CHRIST TAUGHT! For when they did, and they all did, for it was the Will of God they did, they saw Christ.

He is not hiding from the world He Saved. The world has hidden itself from Him by it’s belief in enemies.

Jesus Christ came to His disciples BECAUSE HE KNEW they needed Him. king James Christians had been mislead for GENERATIONS about Jesus Christ and His relationship with His disciples.

Jesus Christ waits, while we hate our enemies. The Voice of the Holy Spirit is silenced by our wishes for vengeance.

Where is Jesus Christ? Where did He TELL HIS DISCIPLES that He would be waiting for them after His RESURRECTION?

The Kingdom of God is the Mind of God. We are gods BECAUSE the Mind of God is in our mind. The death of Jesus Christ would be the death of GOD. Is that conceivable? Of course not. We fear our Savior Jesus Christ precisely because we fear God.

This is a divine creation, Not the way you are currently perceiving it; but the Way Unconditional Forgiveness shows it to us via the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ as sanity returns.

We are afraid of Eternal Life BECAUSE WE believe God is there. God IS, but not the God of the Torah; THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST. The Father of Jesus Christ is a MERCIFUL FATHER. HE is Not the God of the Torah.

To Know God, you must use REASON to objectively Re-evaluate your current beliefs in light of the fact that Jesus Christ requires faith in HIS TEACHINGS to produce results. If we are not currently making an effort to love our enemies, we will never UNDERSTAND Jesus Christ or HIS TEACHINGS.

Early Christians took up arms against NO ONE.

An “enemy” is ANYONE you find a fault in.

The Torah is a red herring. The bible is loaded with red herring’s unknown by the “UNESCORTED” truth seeker. Be Escorted by the Holy Spirit in the mind of unconditional forgiveness as you read ANYTHING! and He will discern the Love of the Father for the disciple of Jesus Christ.

Truth is Love.

Jesus Christ is God. You are a god. When Jesus Christ taught HIS DISCIPLES 2000 years ago, He taught them to no longer believe in your earthly father, for you have but One Father and He is in heaven.

The disciple of Jesus Christ is restored to sanity through the REASON of the Holy Spirit, and not his or her own reasoning. Our reasoning is faulty at best.

Jesus Christ RESURRECTED 2000 years ago and He never left. He is alive. He is more alive than we are. He is what all of us must become, and that is a Son of God. You are a Son or Daughter of God now, living out your life in exile because you fear your creative source;. . . and don’t believe it.

When the mind is manipulated by outside events, it is due to faulty perception. Judgment produces faulty perception BECAUSE to judge what God created perfect is to be dishonest. Dishonesty produces the “illusion of guilt”, and therefore the belief that death is real. One who intends suicide for example, successful or not, feels GUILTY. Guilt is Fear, and FEAR IS HELL.

You Cannot EVER BE guilty in Truth, no matter your “past”, BECAUSE Jesus Christ Atoned for this “hellish nightmare” that we perpetrate on ourselves daily. Look, when you judge another no matter the “crime”, you are JUDGING GOD And yourself, thinking that it IS “another.” As the Holy Spirit awakens your mind to Christ’s RESURRECTION by your own willingness to Forgive thus Love everyone, you come to UNDERSTAND ONENESS and why you thought there were “others.”

In closing, recognize that ALL YOUR PROBLEMS have been solved within the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world!

His resurrection saved us from the BLIND BELIEFS in a tyrannical god who reigns down fire from heaven and drowns innocent children out of his vengeance. This is God made in mans imagine. Not the Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ.

You CAN KNOW the truth that sets you free. But it takes a faithful willingness to NEVER EVER GIVE UP, and a great desire to See your Risen Savior.

The disciples of Jesus Christ were having to deal with “canonized scriptures” and the generational blind beliefs in them. He TOLD THEM IT IS WITHIN YOU, NOT IN A BOOK!

They were spiritually lazy in their beliefs. Why look for God within their mind when the Torah’s teachers told them otherwise?
When the learner first “goes within”, IT is an attempt to prove the teachings of Jesus Christ FALSE, make no mistake about the craftiness of the ego. HOWEVER, Jesus Christ understands our dilemma, and this is why He Is One with God the Father:
To awaken us from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion.

Our willingness to test the Spirit of Christ by seeking for Him within our mind in silence is all the willingness the Holy Spirit needs to Prove His Guidence worthy of our faith.

As we bring this to the end, let us leave you with this reminder.

“there was an owl in an old oak tree, the more he saw the less he spoke, the less he spoke the more he heard, why can’t we all be like that bird.” ~Wayne Church

A Learner is a Listener.

We are free. . .

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