~diving deeper ~

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”


~diving deeper~

Fear Nothing, ever.

As we intellectually explore through reason, and not belief alone, the true teachings of the Master Jesus, we begin to see that His original teachings are more “ENLIGHTENING” than King James, or any religious derivative of his “holy-book” knows about.

The generational blind believers of the “KJV” are afraid to know their Creative Source. The reason is simply because we believed the kings “holy-book.” The “holy-bible” has squashed any chance of achieving salvation now, because it has left out two essential teachings, “reincarnation”, and the need for a Master to Guide your consciousness, “back to heaven.”

Reincarnation was removed from the masses awareness at the second council of Constantinople in around AD 553. The Master or Guru teachings were snatched away from us by the blind belief that heaven is an after death destination; what need do I have now for a “Master” to Guide me ig I have to die to achieve the “Kingdom of Heaven?”

The kingdom of heaven is now.
Lord Jesus was crucified for teaching the Truth. To the believers of the Torah or Talmud the teachings of Lord Jesus were blasphemous. Lord Jesus was teaching “believers of a great flood”, about reincarnation.

Understand this, if you are not willing to loosen your grip on the “holy-bible” as your sole source of information, you will stay lost in hell, with your Savior stuck here with you.

FORGIVENESS, in time, restores the mind to back before time began in your mind. Time is the illusion which perpetuates fear. Timelessness is experienced when we are back in Love.

Christ has Risen. His Consciousness is one with yours because our Father Created it that way. So we would not stay in hell, and eternally “having to die.”

Death is nothing.

In closing, to truly follow an enlightened Master takes faith. An enlightened Master merges Their Consciousness with yours, and gently Guides you away from your unconscious fears, back to the conscious reality that only Love is Real.

We are Invulnerable creations of a Loving Creator ❤ , everything thing else is nonsense.

Live! Take a Chance! Never ever doubt! Faith is ALL you need!!

There is a saying in India that goes something like this; “Everything will be ok in the end, and if it is not ok, it is not yet the end.”

Sweet dreams my Brothers and Sisters 😊


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