Money is the greatest addiction the EGO ever conceived. An “addiction” is a symptom of fear. Fear is the root of all evil. Fear is the absence of the awareness of the Unconditional love of God. When Known, God Is a Loving Heavenly Father to ‘US’.

When we realize addiction’s keep us from true freedom, we drop the “drug” and its powerless after effects, like “anonymous programs.”

Listen my brother. When you say I AM to anything, you become That. So image the poor unwitting soul that is scared to death who says,”I AM powerless over my addiction(s)”; they have locked their minds into “believing” God cannot help them, they have been brainwashed by their limiting beliefs. This limiting belief keeps them from the “fear cure”, which is the Self-Realization of the Risen Christ.
Same with money. You will not know your Father is abundant, and One with YOU until you know Him. A Limiting belief such as “God made hell”, keeps you from experiencing unconditional Love, now.

The body/mind can also become addicted to adrenaline and its thought suppressing effects. Many men and women in high stress jobs (ie.military) have adrenaline pumping all day, its not “natural” and when the job comes to an end, the adrenaline addiction is quit cold turkey, unconsciously mind you, causing a side-effect the same as any other drug.

Adrenaline addiction is one of the reasons veterans want to go back in to the “combat zone.”
Addictions stifle fear only temporarily as the EGO intended, but FORGIVENESS 70X7 eliminates the fear-based addiction, and its side effects.

Won’t you give Unconditional FORGIVENESS a chance, It Will change your Life ❤


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