The “Inner Silent Voice” of Love

Everything you judge becomes unknowable. You will never know that which you judge. The reason is very simple to the disciples or followers of FORGIVENESS 70X7, the religion of Jesus Christ.

You were Not created to judge, and the reason is everything in your world, in your life, is perfect. Of course this is insane to believers because they judge others as wrong and themselves as right. Judgement results from the fear of God. FORGIVENESS shows you that there is Nothing to be afraid of, and especially not to fear yOur Heavenly Father! Believers belive and do not know this.

Judgment drowns out the inner Silent Voice of yOur Holy Spirit within. FORGIVENESS affects the mind and Then yOur world. Believers refuse the “sacrifice” FORGIVENESS offers because they do not “believe” in FORGIVENESS, only judgment.  

Example: If you hold a Hot potato and then let it go, your hand will…

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