david winter

Why I do what I do…

I am fortunate enough to have suffered and not committed suicide. You may say that I have had a near death experience in my own mind. When I came out of the dark and began to hear from the Light it all sounded really insane to me. “You don’t have to work at a job to live here”…”You cannot ever die”…”You are One with everything you See”…”When you attack another YOU are the part of the oneness that suffers”…”Whatever you give away is given back to you 10X over”…And, “Christ is Risen because He never died!”

Sound insane to you? I completely understand.  When you call out to the Risen Christ in sincerity He Will make Himself known to You and this is why I began to follow the very narrow path of FORGIVENESS 70X7, because the teachings of Jesus Christ Do sound insane to the devil. Jesus Christ wants you to understand and know what He knows. It’s His gift to His followers, Not because He needs or wants followers, it is because He is One with YOU. We are insane when you hold beliefs like, “if you don’t belive in God you go to hell after you die” or “Jesus Christ died for your sins!” These beliefs are the root cause of All your suffering and “lostness”! You are insane when you believe such madness, and those beliefs cause you to belive that Eternal Life is insane. Brother, I do what I do for YOU!!!

When you hear the Voice for Christ in the silence of meditation, no drug, no amount of money, no relationship, no family, no addiction can hold you. You were taught you must hate your mother or brother to be His disciple. Hate, properly translated would men, “detach”. Detach from your fears My Brothers and Sisters and you Will !!SEE!! that All your fears are ALWAYS unfounded!! I am talking to YOU and YOU alone. Not “someone” elses fears, Yours!

In closing, David Winter is not a doctor, he’s not a road scholar, and he’s not even a real patient learner, but what He is Is Loved by His Heavenly Father as You are. And the reason I know this is because I AM a Practicing follower of FORGIVENESS as taught by The Lord Jesus Christ Himself!!!

You who have the eyes to see, LOOK!!! You who have the ears to Hear, LISTEN!!!



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