the “Time and Space” continuum

You do not need to jump whenever the trainers tap your cage…You are not at the mercy of events outside your current awareness…You have the ability to awaken any time to the Salvation that the At-One-ment offers. This awakening is preceded by your allowing the world to BE as It will BE with out your mental interference that causes you to do something. When you do out of fear it is because you have identified yourself with an illusion of your Self.

You are not in a birth-death continuum unless you choose to be. You can choose to allow for Salvation which will show you All your current fears are untrue and ultimately insane. Insanity comes from not understanding your true nature of reality but believing that you do. Your beliefs block the Knowledge that FORGIVENESS wills to show you, and FORGIVENESS Wills to show you Jesus Christ is Risen within your current conscious state unaware to you. The reason you are unaware of the saviours Relationship to you is because you never looked for Him Here Now. You always looked in the past or future for evidence that Jesus Christ existed and not looking for His manifestation Now! The reason is your current false beliefs…

A false belief hurts you only because it delays your awakening to the kingdom of God that is within YOU. Brother, if I may 🙂  Would Jesus Christ tell you to look where you could Never find? Thats exactly what you do every time you look to this world for happiness, insisting that it must be here, and not looking where the Nazarene Mater told His followers YOU, to LOOK!

You will not find happiness in a paradoxical dream and you are dreaming a dream of opposites.  Everything you See is apart of you unknown to you because of your fear of God. STOP seeking withour and begin to Look Within!!

You will be Guided out of your current hell if you will realize God Is Only Love. Anything that causes you to fear God was “MADE-UP” by the sons of man.


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