The tool that opens the locked mind….

~Meditation is the tool that “fixes a broken mind”~

*”Fixes” means unites you with yOur Father
*”Broken mind” means a mind that “believes” fear is real

Meditation quiets the mind allowing all your false beliefs to be shown to you as false by your holy spirit.
You who have read many of the discourses that have been posted here are at least aware that what you have read is not “common knowledge” a…nd at times seems like madness or foolishness to the believers. I Assure you that if you will !*!PRACTICE!*! Forgiveness 70X7, which Is the religion of JESUS CHRIST, you will See that 41,000 different religious beliefs from one book is complete insanity!

The book I am referring to is king James religious manifest that he self titled the holy bible. There is NO Truth in belief, Truth transcends belief by Knowledge. You as a KJ Christian are a believer and not a knower. Please do not judge the messenger, that’s what the believers of Jesus day did, they judged Him without PRACTICING FORGIVNESS 70X7, thus missing Salvation all-together, and continuing in their false beliefs.

Rulers rule the sons of men “minds” by fear. The Holy Spirit Guides the Sons of God “Minds” by Love!
We have been greatly deceived by the devil my Brother.
Of course you do not believe this because this is beyond belief. The brainwashed do not realize they have been brainwashed by the fear of God until their minds are renewed by the Love of God and NO LONGER FEAR ANYTHING !!!!

You are very safe and Beloved of God. What you see in war, sin, disease, death…are All Not real, you see what you belive and you believe a miss because of your belief that fear is a reality. FEAR IS NOT REAL! God did not create fear so it does not exist except in the minds of men. YOUR MIND is missing love and does not know this. You do not love your husband, wife, children, family, you fear them !!!!!

Love NEVER gets angry, NEVER! Anger is fear, and fear is insane….

Eliminate fear and you will Know the Love of yOur Heavenly Father, until then you remain a believer knowing no truth and believing insane concepts about yOur Creative Source.


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