YOU ARE invulnerable…not the self you “believe” yourself to be, but YOU!

~You are not at the mercy of events in your life, you only believe that you are~

Here: Imagine, you were born an eagle, but when you were still in the egg, the egg fell out of the nest onto the soft dry needles below the tree and the egg landed safely. The egg was picked up by a chicken farmer and he brought the egg home and placed it under a hen. When the egg hatched, you were trained to be a chicken, without the knowledge that you Are an Eagle!

Brother its the truth, your false beliefs about your “origin” have you “BELIEVING” you are a chicken when you are Really an Eagle!

SOAR!! BEgin to Soar! Christ Is Risen within your consciousness. He will Guide You onto the desires of your heart, Because It Is the Father that Gave the desires to YOU!!!

Your mind, not the ego, is the most creative force in the Universe, and this is why Jesus Christ tells you, His Disciple; “Seek you first the kingdom of God and I will add All things unto YOU”

but you don’t look


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