Fearlessness is sacred, fear results in insanity…

If you knew the power that you wield as the Son or Daughter of God, you would give up the mind of man and its judgments and return Home to See the kingdom of Heaven that is all around YOU NOW!

Judgment is fear which blinds the sons of man eyes to the kingdom of God. A fearless mind is a peace-full mind. Nothing worries the fearless Child of God because they know their Father, not just “believe in a God”. Your power does not come from you, it comes from your Father. You fear your Father so you are not aware that His power is within YOU as Christ. Christ is Risen. The “Second Coming” happened the instant you believed it was possible to crucify The SON OF GOD!!!

What you are reading is not a world religion, it is the power unto salvation, but your judgment od anyone who tries to teach you the truth frightens you so much you wanna’ kill um…relax MY Beloved Brother, the fear you feel, and the fear the ‘believers’ of “Jesus’s day” felt was due to their false fear based beliefs about Our Father! God is not an insane demon who floods His creation to death??? If you choose to blindly believe that any longer without spiritual proof, you have not tested the spirit of truth and you remain insane. Your insanity will correct itself when you choose no longer to “BELIEVE” insane stories and myths about yOur Creator. Insanity is not to be feared My Brother, only corrected…

God did not send Jesus to “die in your place” , that belief induces guilt on an already fearful believing mind, thus intensifying the insanity brought about by your fear of God.

?Question? everything a ?world ruler? tells you is ??”ordained by God himself”?? Even a book that has you so afraid of your Creator that you will not look to find the TRUTH!! “believing” you all ready got it??? Because the king of England said so!

Allow FORGIVENESS not judgment to be your guide, and the scales of fear will fall from your worn and tired eyes…

You are So Very Much LOVED!!!


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