The fear of God is not real!

The reverence of salvation is not in the fear of God, But in knowing your Heavenly Father is Only Loving! As that sinks in you will realize fear produces hell, and Love exposes this world as Heavenly.

How asks the devil? “FORGIVENESS” answers the Holy Spirit!

Understand My Brother the inner work that has been completed for you to Forgive your enemies. The work is done, it needs your willingness to FORGIVE 70X7 to show you the power in your FORGIVENESS. When you are Saved you no longer “Forgive” and the reason is you “See” and “Hear” for yourself that your world has been transformed, not with drugs, money or fame, but through an inner conscious transformation.

The kingdom of God is within YOU, and it is in the same place as it was when Jesus taught the believers of His day to put down their “holy books” and seek for the Father within themselves. My Brothers, there will always be believers, but very, very few choose to walk the narrow path of complete FORGIVENESS!

The devil tells you; “Why look for the kingdom of Heaven now, when you can do nothing, and all you have to do is “believe” it is an after death location for the good children of man”, thus continuing your judgment of “others”.

Brother, there are no others as you understand others. I trust YOU! Life is a projection of thoughts seen, not an injection of images from the ‘outside’. This is beyond belief, but not beyond your understanding to achieve this knowledge. You Must PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7. 70X7 allows your ego to be reprogrammed  or the spirit to be “renewed”. What you are reading is the method to obtain Salvation from this world. This world has been a very scary dream for you and your Father is well aware of this. He wants us to know that only Love is real and attack of any sort only injuries ‘you’. You are a part of everything you see.

I am glad you are sitting down…

*Now become more and more aware of your inner world. Begin to let your outer world go on like it is going to. Begin to “worry” less by turning over all “problems” and life events to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit My Brother and Sister has been your Guard this entire ride. When you dove off into hell your Father did not let you go it alone, No! And when you experience your Father, which you will, even in glimpses at first, you will See the love Our Father has for “His Child” and you will know that an after death hell-fire is lunacy ???

Brother, if Jesus was insane why would you believe Him when He tells you the kingdom of God is AT HAND and you Can Not Die…

You are sleeping….you can not awaken yourself, but you can allow yourself to be awakened. This takes a fear free mind. A fear free mind is obtained through the power FORGIVENESS provides. FORGIVENESS will show YOU the judgmental thoughts about ‘the others” in your world are meaningless.

yOur judgments do nothing to God’s Heaven, but they do keep you from experiencing IT!!


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