UN-forgiveness O’ my…

UN-forgiveness is a secret vow of judgment you make to keep away the Vision of Christ from dawning upon your fearful eyes…
Christians Awake, and BE-come “CHRISTLIKE”!
Release the world from your judgments based on your blind belief in the 17th century king of England’s religious manifesto he titled the “holy bible”???……
Let your world be gently lit by Miracles of Love, and God IS Love!!
Please FORGIVE me… this fool you see as “David Winter” stumbled onto the Salvation of Jesus Christ because he did not want to suffer here anylonger…he saw what Jesus Christ taught because he went beyond belief and !*!PRACTICED!*! FORGIVENESS 70X7 and continues to do so to this day… The “God” of the 17th century king of England’s religious manifesto is NOTHING Like unto YOUR FATHER Beloved!! Your Father would never kill His Son and is No Monster like the God portrayed in the kings book of spiritual slavery that has been propagandized as “God breathed”???
FORGIVENESS will show you the kings slavery by releasing the Vision of Salvation through the Christ within YOU
Jesus GIVES FREELY any child of man the gift of Vision who is willing to FORGIVE His Brothers and Sisters their mistakes.
In closing, Jesus might say it this way: “Forgive the great Creator of the universe, the Source of life, of Love and Holiness, the Perfect Father of the Perfect Child (*YOU!) for your illusion of sin and death, and begin to follow the narrow path back Home”; laid out by Our Saviour Jesus Christ!
enough for today uh?

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