~Begin to Knock on “forbidden doors”~

Meditation is almost a forbidden word among believers today and the reason is simply this: If you were to knock on the inner door with a meditative mind you would know your Father Who is in Heaven…

This world has many forbidden doors which have been shut because of fear. Guilt for example; if you were to knock on that door you would very early on see that guilt is an insane state of mind projected from the perceiver onto the perceived, you would see that guilt is impossible to the sane minded Child of God.

Guilt is a vicious cycle that the ego entertains to deceive the son/daughter of man. Guilt works like this Beloved:

  • 1st, sacrifice, for “loved ones”, then
  • resentment for the one-sided sacrifice, then
  • attack, and then the Guilt of attack is felt…so, sacrifice, due to the guilt of attack, begins to run the life of the “attacker” again.

To break the chain of Guilt you must recognize that neither “sacrifice nor attack” gives you the peace of mind and happiness that you are looking for. Guilt is abolished by traveling through the beliefs that are the cause of your perceived sacrifice. If you knew that the “others” who you sacrifice your happened for were in reality one with you and not separate, you would see that sacrifice itself is insane.

You must love yourself to see that All sacrifice is not real. Jesus Christ did not “sacrifice His life” so God would not send you to hell-fire. This belief is the cause of king James’ religion not working to achieve Salvation from this world. You can not be saved if you feel guilty. Because:

The guilty are not saved, and the Saved are not guilty!

Self Love is FORGIVENESS, and the religion of Jesus Christ. You change your perception of your world by allowing yourself to be changed from the inside out. It’s an inner work…My Brothers and Sisters… The world you experience and see in an outside picture of the inner imagination manifested into physical form or vibrating light energy. You are not aware of your thoughts and wonder why things happen to you without your knowledge. When you become more and more aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your surroundings, you will see that Nothing bad has ever happened to YOU Beloved, Ever! And if you believe something has happened bad to you in the past it is your ego bringing the past into the now, thus blinding your eyes because of past thinking, FORGIVENESS of God heals your split mind.

Salvation is beyond belief. This is the reason for the ancient sage Lao-tse telling His followers, “Those who know do not speak about IT, and those who speak about IT do not know”.

In closing, the inner awareness of Christ will not be known without knocking on the forbidden door of “mind quiet time” or meditation. All judgment must be dispelled by the power of FORGIVENESS before you you can experience Salvation from the hell you have made to replace God’s Heaven. The second coming occurred the instant you dove off into hell Beloved. BUT! Christs Consciousness will not be witnessed by you until you seek and LISTEN for Him within your current consciousness. You are Saved from this self-induced insane haunted house when sin, hell-fire, death, sickness and a the vicious monster you believe to be God are FORGIVEN. You Must FORGIVE 70X7, Everyone and Everything All the “time” to See and experience the state of mind that Jesus Christ refers to as Paradise or Heaven.

This all may sound insane as it did 2000 years ago to the non-practicing believing ego, but to the Son or Daughter of God, its Salvation and the return back to the Home you never left except in your judgmental fearful mind that Jesus Christ calls the devil…

Love Is the answer to your un-awareness, and FORGIVENESS is the means of obtaining the Awareness!




2 Responses to “~Begin to Knock on “forbidden doors”~”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Fantastic ! I pray all will come to this Realization & be FREE !!

    • david1963 Says:

      They will Lee! And it will come through you My Beloved Brother!! FORGIVENESS PRACTICED 70X7 Renews the mind by eliminateing the fear of It’s Father, thus allowing you to See and Hear what fear had kept hidden…Remember all the thoughts that you are aware of are meaningless, this is not to be feared but embraced with FORGIVENESS. FORGIVENESS gives you everything you were looking for…

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