~You can only respond to that which you percieve~

Perception of the “unseen” is achieved by quieting the mind of the ego. The unseen is then seen by a mind renewed by FORGIVENESS. FORGIVENESS changes your mind allowing peace to become your constant state of BE-ing.

The unseen is Heaven!

To explore the consciousness within, you must become fearless. You can no-longer fear your “God”. The fear of God is egotistical in nature. Fear is not real. Everything you are currently afraid of is only a “thought”.

Fear is a thought, a whim, where for an instant the Son or Daughter of God turns away from their Father in judgment and ‘thinks’  something bad can happen or “go wrong”. Beloved!; awake and be deceived by your thoughts no longer. Nothing bad has ever happened to you! “Others” perhaps, but Never YOU! The reason is simply this: How can a dream hurt you?

It’s a dream of judgment, FORGIVE and you will awaken. You can not wake yourself but you can allow yourself to be awakened by the power of FORGIVENESS.

To back out of this dream you must follow the teachings of a Master like Jesus of Nazareth. Make no mistake and believe that what you are reading here is fantasy.

Work, sin, death, taxes those words describe the perfect horror dream Beloved, and God did not do what you were taught He did.

Blind belief is minus knowledge which is equal to fear. However, knowledge plus belief equals Love! Jesus is teaching you if you will LISTEN that He is within His Fathers house and His Fathers House is within YOU!

Jesus Christ is fearless because He knows His Father is not insane. Insanity results from the belief in fear. The fear of God creates the impossible state of hell. Nothing you are afraid of is real. Fearful thoughts are the result of bringing yeaserday into today. Learn this well, if you Remember the mistakes of yesterday you will continue to repeat them.

In closing, you are saved from this self induced haunted house the moment you begin to FORGIVE Everyone All the time! This may sound insane to your ego, but to the Son or Daughter of God it is Salvation!!


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