Undoing of false-beliefs (the how to and why)

The Atonement is the “undoing”, and the why is to “stop All yOur suffering”. The method of relieving all your suffering is FORGIVENESS 70X7. The reason it works is because FORGIVENESS !*!PRACTICED!*! changes yOur mind. A changed mind is allowed to See differently than a mind that judges “others”. The true nature of reality will only dawn on a FORGIVING mind, a mind that is not in fear. A fearful mind is an insane mind. A fearful mind does not operate correctly, its like a PC with a virus, the hard drive is good, but the program has been affected with chaotic messages.  

This is Not kJ church. I am not a bible believer. IAM a follower of the teachings of the Nazarene Master, refered to as Jesus Christ in the 17 century king of England’s manifesto entitled “the holy bible”. I use Christian Judaic language in these discourses because most are familiar with the words. The words take on a different meaning as consciousness is made more aware of truth through FORGIVENESS of yourself and the “others”. That being said; belief is Not a requirement to obtain Salvation from this hell which you believe to be real. God did not create fear so it is not real; and fear is hell.

For those believers who do not !*!PRACTICE!*! FORGIVENESS 70X7 the religion of the Nazarene Master, what you are reading here is utter foolishness. This is why you must know the truth that sets you free, beliefs are insane concepts that the ego, yOur devil, sets up to save you from NOTHING!! Beliefs LIMIT your mind, your consciousness, because they are based on fear, not reality. The Egyptians knew this all to well and that is the reason for the Pharos’ “invention” of hell-fire. The concept of hell-fire has worked since the inception of time to control the sons and daughters of man. Your mind is operating in fear of Love. Fear has you “believing” all the fears the world puts forth, and Love shows you the insanity behind the fear. You are afraid of Love because you are afraid of God.

Everyone hates that which they fear, consciously or unconsciously. Know this Beloved: “If you believe God is vengeful in any way, you are spiritually enslaved by the fear of God”.  This enslavement is due to yOur false blind beliefs about the reality for which you currently find yourself. You Must allow yourself to overcome All fear of yOur Father to KNow Him. This world has not been thrust upon you. Here is a news flash; “You volunteered for this hell”. But don’t panic 🙂 , there is a way out, and the way out, is inward!!! You will need to be patient because of your belief that you are far, far from home.

It has always been your choice to judge or FORGIVE the “others” you see around you. The Teacher is ultimately within you. So, when you finish reading this then what? You can choose to continue on your own, or seek Ye first the kingdom of God within, and have all things added unto YOU!, either way *YOU ARE SAFE*! FORGIVENESS 70X7 shows you your Salvation through the Vision of Christ within, believers carry on believing in sin, sickness and disease all the way to the grave. Belief is the ego’s remedy in dealing with the fear of God, and FORGIVENESS allows yOur Holy Spirit within to show you the insanity of believing in fear; and the Love yOur Heavenly Father has for all His Created called; the Children of God!

In closing, seekers are the Ones who have transcended the need to form beliefs, they have over come the need for “false-beliefs” to save them from self suffering caused by their LIMITING beliefs.

Mental illness and addiction is a form of false belief brought about by fear.

Stay with this for a few moments longer, it will help YOU to awaken from fear into Love! Mental illness stems from future or past thoughts, neither of which are real now. Addiction is another false belief that leads to insanity.


If you believe you are an addict and tell your self “I am addicted” then you will suffer until you see it’s always been fearful thoughts that are  the cause of your self-abuse; called, “addiction or mental illness”. Addiction “takes away” the fear but Only temporary, in the same way that gambling, religion, money, drugs Etc… do. When the “addict” learns/Sees that his/her fears are baseless, and the addiction was do to a false fear, then they are cured by the power of Christ from within Themselves! The mind must be stilled to understand the insanity of this dream, this world, this perpetual hell!!

Salvation is to know only Love is real! Salvation is to Know you are Safe! Salvation is to Know there is a Savior that is within yOur consciousness that is ready, willing and able to reveal Himself to you when you have prepared a place within by yOur willingness to !*!PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7!*!

The insane seek for false remedy’s in the world to heal them from sicknesses such as drugs, addiction, money, and false-religions, Never Knowing that what they are “LOOKING FOR” has been LOOKING FOR THEM ALL THE TIME!! STOP trying to “Add all things” until you “FIRST seek the kingdom Within YOU”.




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