Let the “New World” emerge from within YOU!

* As you begin to Love your “within-ness” you Will to understand Jesus Christ when He teaches ‘us’, that death is an illusion and Paradise is right here, Right Now; however, to know this requires that you allow your mind, Via FORGIVENESS 70X7, to Be “Re-Newed”. This renewing is a process as is everything in this realm of consciousness. Consciousness “is the seed that grows the tree that will eventually produce fruit of its own kind”, that being said; the seed must be planted an allowed to go through the process of germination and growth. Jesus calls this process the Atonement, Or the “undoing of your false beliefs”.

Remember, you only believe because you do not know, and you do not know because you believe. All beliefs are formed to eliminate the fear of Not Knowing. Jesus tells you, you Will to know the truth when you seek FIRST the kingdom of God that Is within YOU. He goes on to teach, that all things will be added unto YOU when you seek ye First the kingdom Within, Brother and Sister we’ve tried to “add all things” without First seeking His kingdom within.

Jesus Christ is not anti-holy books, BUT He Is Pro-Love. Love is the opposite of fear, if you are afraid of love you can not experience the Love of yOur Heavenly Father. And you are very fearful of Him if you blindly believe in the 17th century king of England’s manifesto entitled “the holy bible”.

What you are reading here now is intended for those who are ready to eliminate all fear in their lives, heal, and begin to seek Heavenly Knowledge that the world of the religious believers call foolishness. *John 17:9, He, Jesus Christ is quoted as saying: “My prayer is not for the world, but for those you have given me, because they belong to you”. Fear strikes at the core of the devil (your ego) when you tell him the book he believes in is spiritual slavery and not intended for salvation at all!

My Brother, what reason does “David Winter” have to try to deceive his family, his son, his daughter, his grandchild??? Do you think for one instant that I would allow “MY CHILD” to “go to hell”; not on my life! This is the reason among others for what you are reading. I Know that there is NO “Hell-Fire”; was NO “Godly Holocaust” called the great flood; and Yes, I know Jesus Christ is Risen   .   .    .

Your attention is what the Christ within needs. BUT you have never given your Saviour your complete attention because of, yes, your False-Beliefs! Begin to pack you outer bags of Judgment. Don’t let the world you currently see blind you any longer to the true nature of reality that has been refered to as Heaven Or Paradise by Jesus Christ and His teachers. No longer be afraid to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and as you follow Him, He Will make His Spirit Known to YOURS!!! Insane you say? No more insane than to believe God sent a world saviour and the ones He came to save killed Him??? What good is a “dead Saviour” My Brother? And what good is a God whom you can not know because you are afraid of Him?

I may remind you My Brother, ‘anger is fear’ turned in on yourself, which is the cause of all attack, and blinds you from the Truth, which is, you are doing this unto yourself. Do you really believe the God of Love would create a world where >>>YOU<<<could “kill your enemies”???

I ask you, Who comes back from war with no arms and no legs, where homelessness is their safety because the PTSD is so bad they can no longer function in society? yOur Children are whom I speak of…..the ones you agreed to send “off to kill your enemies”.

 The Only way to STOP the insanity, the Madness, is to STOP the false beliefs and the only way to STOP believing is to know the Truth that sets your mind free, AND the Only way to Know the Truth that sets your mind free is to !*!PRACTICE!*! the teachings of Jesus Christ and STOP believing insane fearful diabolic imagines of yOur Heavenly LOVING Father!

In closing…….

Remember and Think: I must Love my enemies to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Remember and Think: I must FORGIVE 70X7 Everyone, all the time, to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Remember and Think: I must give up thinking and planing for my future, and take no thought for tomorrow, placing my entire future in the hands of my Father to be a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Remember and Think: I must choose God over $money$ to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

And lastly, Remember and THINK: I must seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God that Is Within me before I can call myself a follower of the Risen saviour of the World Jesus Christ!

Are you a follower of Jesus Christ? If you are Not a follower of Jesus Christ then you MY BROTHERS and SISTERS are just believer’s…

Merry Christmas!






( the scales will fall from your eyes, and Vision will return as you seek for the truth that is Within Every Child of God)



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