James was teachings to the “followers of Jesus Christ” when he taught…

Belief without practical application is a doomed method from the start in obtaining Salvation from this world, this dream, Or, “Faith without works is dead religion”. (James *2:14-26)

You Must understand My Brother and Sisters, that your beliefs are flawed from the outset. If God is all Loving and Jesus Christ assures ‘us’ that He is, then how can a “follower and PRACTICER” of His teachings reasonably ‘believe’ God drowns His Created Children for being “bad”??? You can not. You can not love that which you hate, consciousnessly or unconsciously, And you surely hate God, “yOur Heavenly Father” if you believe He drownd any of yOur ‘ancestors’ in a Great Flood.

Fear is spiritual control Beloved and Nothing Else!

I AM Not teaching you that the Bible or Koran do not contain some truth, BUT what I AM teaching you is what Jesus Christ has taught me, and will teach you when you begin to LISTEN, and it is this: All the Truth YOU want and Need is Within YOU NOW! How would “Believer David Winter” know this? He can not. “David Winter” the follower of Jesus Christ knows this. It’s not easy being ridiculed by your Christian family members because you !*!PRACTICE!*! what Jesus taught and no longer Only Believe In Him!

YOU will feel the impact of change each and every time you STEP closer to the Truth that Is within the kingdom of yOur Heavenly Father. Truth is elusive to those with set blind beliefs, BUT for those Children willing to become “Born Again” and not listen to the false teachers who preach fear about their Father, BUT instead CHOOSE to LISTEN to Love about their Heavenly Father, to those “The Children of God” and not “the children of fearful-man”, to those Children, the kingdom of God is restored to their Vision!

Merry Christmas this is the season to awaken to the Christ within YOU!


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