Stop doing what your told…before you get to old…

You are very much unaware of your-THE inner world, so, you are directed and under the spell of the “others” in your-THE outer world; The opinions of others, the worlds beliefs, the world judgments of “others”, you have enemies “out here”, but within the kingdom of God “enemies” is a concept as insane as the death of the Son of God!!! But your awareness is very limited by your false conflicting beliefs about your Creator, no matter if you call “Him” God, Allah or The Source of All!

Lack of self-awareness perpetrated by belief is the cause of All your suffering. You do Not Know the Father, you believe in Him but are very much unaware of His True Nature! His Nature is as your is, LOVE!! Not death, destruction OR the killing of “others”. God is nothing like “He” is portrayed in the “holy books” ordained by the rulers of this world.

Jesus will teach you about His Father if you will take the time to STOP and LISTEN to Him within His and yOur kingdom of God that Is Within YOU! Insane you say; Jesus is dead right? No more insane than believing that the “God Of Love”drowned His created children because they were “bad”. (THINK: how can a 2 week old be bad???, but they were drowned too, INSANITY!!)

Use “reason” for a moment my Christian and Muslim Brothers and Sisters! IAM TALKING TO YOU!! You both fearfully believe in the “Great Flood” of God/Allah because His creation had “gone wrong”. I want you to understand the INSANITY of such a belief about yOur Creator. How can God create Anything that can go wrong? Free will is a self-induced sham perpetrated by your limiting false beliefs about Love! The ONLY “Free-Will” you got is your Insane False Beliefs!! Let them Go, not in fear of God but in the pursuit of the Love of God!!

Believing in the destruction of God by God you cannot see that hate is not compassion and fear is Never Loving!! Fear is as much controlling as Love is Freeing! Fear contracts the mind, Love expands IT!

The fear of God you feel is Not Real Beloved! In your dreams about God you believe Him to be vengeful, evil and wickedly irreverent, and you call this “Reverence”.

Be mislead no longer by laughing at fools like me. David Winter is insane. He is off his rocker, I mean he is teaching that the kingdom of God is now and that we do not die, what world is he living in??? The answer is simply this: He is living within the kingdom of God where Jesus Christ has made Himself know to His followers. His followers are the meek, the humble the “Childlike” of this world, Not the pious wisdomactic thinkers who only form beliefs around the fear of God. You stay a “BELIEVERS” my Brothers and Sisters until you seek for the kingdom of God that Is within YOU!

Jesus Christ will make Himself known to All who seek for Him where He is to Be Found, no matter if you are a Jew and believe He is just a man, no matter if you are a Muslim and believe He is only a Prophet or if you are a Christian and believe Him to Be God! All three are true and require No belief for this to be known to you. What is required is to let go of the fear of your Heavenly Father.

Go within the kingdom of God. Seek! SEEK! Until you find. In closing Jesus gives you and example of the type of “seeking” that is required…..remember the old woman who went before the judge and he granted her, her wishes because he was tired of her endless pursuit!!! This is not a “hint” Beloved….its a fact….SEEK UNTIL YOU FIND!!

Never, Never, NEVER Give up the search for the Risen Jesus Christ, NO MAtter what you currently believe…

Merry Christmas Beloved!


4 Responses to “Stop doing what your told…before you get to old…”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    I love the TRUTH you Publish !!!! Thanks !!!

    • Lee!; its your encouragement and the encouragement of others that keep me publishing my experiences here. Thank YOU for All YOU do TOO!!

  2. Hi there friends, its wonderful paragraph about educationand completely explained, keep it up all the time.

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