limiting beliefs

Beliefs limit you, thus beliefs delay your awakening. What is awakening? Why do we want to be awakened? Awakening is Salvation. Salvation means to Be-Saved from the effects of this world, or this dream of sin and then death. On the path to awakening one must go through the process of letting go of fear, All Fear. The only way to “let go of fear” is to know that All your fears are False! If God did not create it, it does not exist.

What you are afraid of and have ever been afraid of in the past has never had the effects that you anticipated. The reason is simple: Your thoughts are Meaningless. Of course to come to this realization you must know that you are invulnerable, this invulnerability is acquired by PRACTICING FORGIVENESS 70X7. Forgiveness does not judge and this non-judgment changes your mind, your thoughts; as your thoughts are changed what your eyes see is changed. This renewing of the mind gives you the Vision of Heaven, the Vision of the kingdom of God that IS WITHIN you!

Happiness is not easy to obtain and it is even more difficult to explain. The reason is your intellectual mind processes and judges everything by what it has been taught, more importantly what it “believes to be truth”. If you believe God is Evil, and kills His created Children or allows them to suffer and die, your beliefs are false and you can never know your Father because you are afraid of Him.

You MUST Realize that your beliefs are deceiving YOU! Until then, you march to death by your false beliefs about your loving Heavenly Father! What God created is eternal and He created you no matter what you currently believe.

God Is Love!


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