Its always Christmas time

Let the Christ be re-awakened within you. False pious perfection is the ego’s greatest weapon against Enlightenment! Enlightenment is the awareness of Christs Salvation. This Enlightenment is “imparted” by the Master when the disciple is “ready”. In the case of the Nazarene Master 70X7 type Forgiveness shows your willingness to follow Him and His teachings.

Jesus Christ is very much aware of the inner struggle, He went through His own prior to His resurrection. As you allow the Christ to reselect within through Forgiveness 70X7, your mind is renewed, thus the eyes See what was not there before Salvation dawned on YOU!

Your awakening is your awakening, let the “others” be as hateful and as vicious as they must, if your goal is the Salvation offered by Jesus Christ, you must Forgive them 70X7 no matter the injury they try to inflict upon you. In the end of your suffering you will realize its all been YOU!

Here: If you have ever tried to teach a baby to say “Da-Da” or “Ma-Ma”, you will understand the difficulty Jesus is up against with YOU! The baby, like you, does not even know it is being taught!! The baby just looks, not understanding what it is that is going on. It sees a face (Mom or Dad) saying to it, Ma-Ma or Da-Da but is clueless as to how to respond. It’s the same with YOU Beloved!

You have been deceived by your false beliefs about your loving Heavenly Father! Nothing is to be feared! This is your spiritual downfall! You believe and falsely that God is some type of tyrannical demon who drowns His “bad kids” in a deadly 40 day drenching, with that type of FALSE-BELIEF you will never inter into the rest of your Father! The reason is you Judge Him Falsely!!

If you believe Jesus Christ is dead and God allowed Him to “DIE FoR YOU”, so you would not have to spend “eternity” in a virtual oven, then you cannot by Saved by the atonement of Jesus Christ, because of your JUDGMENT and UN-Forgiveness of your false fear based insane beliefs about God The Father!

When You Know you Do Not Know the truth, and only believe that you know, you are insane. To believe is to Know NOTHING!~! This type of false belief keeps the Blind Teachers, teaching the blind believers 2000 years after Jesus was resurrected proving that death is an illusion of the devil!!

He is risen my Brother! Spend this Christmas Seeking Him, LOOKING for Him Within His kingdom and the Kingdom of His Father that is WITHIN YOU!!

Merry Christmas!


2 Responses to “Its always Christmas time”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Merry Christmas , David !! & THANKS so much for these reminders !!

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