Christian believer

Christ is the Gift yOur Father gave Jesus, for you at creation. Jesus remembered this Gift and awoke to it, as you will when you *PRACTICE FORGIVENESS*, and do away with yOur judgment of “others” as Jesus Christ teaches His followers to ‘do’.

As you go within and seek this Gift of Atonement, Jesus, through Christ will make Himself known to YOU! You will never know this Atonement or this “undoing of yOur false beliefs” as long as you blindly believe king James’ 1611  book of religion. The king James bible is only a “small hurdle” to the followers of Jesus Christ.

Think: If Barack Obama or George W. Bush ordained a version of a “holy bible’ would you blindly believe EVERYTHING in it??? You cannot know the Love of a Creator who kills or allows His children to drown in a 40 day flood, because they were not worthy of His Love. I ask you Brother and Sister reading this….if AN EARTHLY FATHER DROWNED HIS DAUGHTER IN A BATH TUB AND KILLED HER, WOULD YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOVE HIM WITHOUT FIRST FORGIVING HIM OF HIS CRIMES. No, just as you Must FORGIVE God of your false king James induced insane beliefs about Love! Love cannot KILL! No matter what you “believe”.

You have been severely mis-Taken by your blind beliefs in holy books published by the rulers of this world. The fear of God induces death. The Love of God gives you eternal life and the knowledge of It!

Jesus Christ is awake to you now. You Must seek Him where He can be found, and His awareness Is made real to you in your consciousness. However, to know this truth that sets you free, you must First seek the kingdom of God that is within you. The kingdom of God is at hand. This is the message of the Nazarene Master!!

You will never become a disciple by sitting the bench (pew) and watching the game. You Must PRACTICE FORGIVENESS before you will realize the futility of king James style church. I understand the fear of realizing that God Is Love, and you need do nothing you have ever done! God does not Need yOur “fearful worship” you need His JOY!! See your mistake of personal judgment, blind belief and go the other way.

You MUST seek the kingdom of the Father that IS within YOU, until then you are just a believer in king James’ manifesto. You are free from hell-fire and do not know it. Hell-fire does not exist except in a mind afraid of its Creator. There Is No DEATH only LIFE. Fear keeps you locked in a mental prison that Only FORGIVENESS can unlock.

When your mind has been renewed by Christ and His Atonement, you will See the kingdom of God that has Always been in View to YOU!! Hence: “For those with the Eyes to See, SEE! Those with the Ears to Hear, HEAR!!” This is very fearful to believers who are afraid of “Their Father”. 70X7 type FORGIVENESS lifts this fear of God.

In closing, I want to make this perfectly clear: If you lie to a child by inducing fear within them, they will believe the message until they have been shown it was false. If you tell a child, “God is mad at you, here is a book that you must believe so that He will lift His anger against you, AND if you do not believe EVERYTHING in it He will send you to hell after you die”. The child will believe you never seeking the Truth that IS WITHIN THEM!!

Seek Beloved! SEEK!! Your Christ Awaits!!!

Judgment of a method/religion prior to its practice is Anti-sanity! They told Jesus Christ He was insane and a madman because they did not PRACTICE His Method, they, the *Religious Believers of His day JUDGED Him as Anti-God and they tried and found Him guilty of blasphemy. The believers of His day are like many believers today, to fearful of God to Seek His kingdom within themselves!

(Call 619`715`4489, if you are in need of a Teacher of God in your Church, Mosque, Temple Synagogue or your personal prison. You are so very much Loved by yOur Father Beloved!!)




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