The calamity of the guilty

Guilt is a shadow, a thought, which produces sorrowful feelings or regret. Guilt can never be “made right” because it is not real, and is entirely illusionary only experienced by the guilty. Guilt is in the past just as anxiety is in the future. Guilt will only be corrected or “cured” when a decision is made to do away with all guilty thinking. This decision is made in consciousness by your surrendering of thoughts to your Higher or Holy Spirit Who understands the insanity of guilt and its messengers.

The guilty fiery darts of the inner enemy are nothing to those who know and are aware of the inner Christ. To know Christ is risen requires that you Must Forgive yourself, love yourself and be gentle with yourself. Putting yourself down is the devils greatest secret in the sustaining of a guilty mind. The guilty are afraid that they will be abandoned if they begin to love themselves. The guilty sacrifice their happiness to help make the insane dreams of “others” real. Guilt is inevitable to those who make their own decisions, guilt is impossible to those who allow their Holy Spirit to decide for them!

Brother and Sister, if you are trapped in a relationship where guilt has you psychologically hog-tied and you see no way out, surrender by allowing your Holy Spirit within to Guide you out of your self-induced hell, and back to your happiness which is the kingdom of God that is waiting for you now. This requires you act when inspired and prompted to do so. Inaction is stagnation, stagnation is the quick sand of un-awareness. Un-awareness is sleep. When you sleep you dream and when you dream you suffer.

Forgiveness will awaken your inner consciousness to the realization of the Christ within.

Final words: Guilt destroys one’s true self by becoming attached to others, “when we attach to others” we contaminate our true nature by regarding their fears as are own. To break from the insanity of guilt one MUST become aware of the inner Guide yOur Source has given to YOU!

Do not underscore the insanity of guilt. Guilt is the idolization of another which veils the face of Christ.

Going into the Silence often, releases ones mind from the burden of guilt. Instead of feeling guilty, one should instead take refuge in the Silence of the inner kingdom of God, that is return to the kingdom of Heaven and let Christ show you the new Vision which the guiltless are entitled to!

Lastly, when you become fully conscious, No idols can tempt you back to the prison of the guilty.




2 Responses to “The calamity of the guilty”

  1. Jane Clegg Says:

    A simple truth…..beautifully expressed and written.

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