be gentle with yourself

As you forgive you are forgiven. Forgive the ‘ones’ that hurt you. As you have the willingness to forgive, you are inviting change. Change is “forgiveness manifested into” Bliss!

Remember, Jesus Christ would not teach a king James version of church. Look at it this way; king James’ version keeps you in hell, where as “Jesus Christ’s version” releases you from hell. This world is not your home, nor are “its rulers” your rulers unless you allow them to be, and its rules are not the laws that constitute the kingdom of Heaven!

Be willing then to question everything, every belief you have about God and Who “He” is, Never forgetting “You only belive because you DO NOT KNOW!”

When Christ makes Himself known to you you will become a “Knower”! Believers and Knowers experience different realities at this level of consciousness. Believers believe in a God they do not know and fear. Knowers Know a God they could Never fear and Only Love!

Again, if you are reading this blog for the first time this is not king James bible church and I AM not a “believer”. I, “David Winter”, have come into the understanding and the realization that death is an illusion, God Is LOVE, and Jesus Christ is Risen  

Slowly, fearlessly, and intently read this:

Jesus Christ is risen

“Teachers” of king James style church, which is the fear of God, do not know anything about the Salvation of Jesus Christ, NOW!! They teach a religion that is based on the fear of God. Jesus teaches a religion that is based on the Love of God!

If you have the Eyes to See, SEE! Do not be intimidated by parents, teachers, pastors, preachers, Or the modern-day Sanhedrin, step out in YOUR Own Faith and Seek God where he can be found, and that is within YOU!

How can a believer Know Christ now when they believe He died, went to Heaven, AND, AND, AND……It was a “GOOD DAY”??? Brother, awaken from your self-induced insanity brought about by the blind belief, perpetrated by the fearful belief, that you gotta die to know God In Christ!

I too understand the fear, the “radical shock” that comes from dimly understanding that I was mis-lead. I TOO BELIEVED the KJV was God breathed, God ordained. I TOO BELIEVED it was a Good day when they tortured, and later killed my saviour    !

Enough…you can awaken to the realization that Jesus Christ is risen

Your reality can expand to See that all sickness is fear, you can not die and Jesus is here now ready to receive His disciples. BUT you can not judge fools like me who teach you this.

Jesus Christ is risen, seek Him where He teaches you to seek Him

Begin to meditate, meditation is mind quiet time, you are “stilling” the egotistical judgmental chatter that this world has taught you. This allows you to Listen and Hear, (“those who have the ears to Hear, Hear”) the Holy Spirit that is within the kingdom of God.

This is not church.

FORGIVENESS 70X7 *PRACTICED* is the religion of Jesus Christ


Got Christ Beloved? Money or the knowledge of Jesus Christ? Money follows God, BUT God will never follow money!!

Most spend 40-50 hours seeking money, because they do not know their Heavenly Father. Now imagine if those same people spent 40-50 seeking God the Father?

I challenge YOU, Jesus Christ Challenges YOU, to spend 5 hours this week in search of the kingdom of God that Jesus Christ tells you IS WITHIN YOU.

Believe me? LOL, of course not. That is why you still believe money will bring you the happiness you have sought since you arrived at this virtual hell, were everyone you love will get sick and die, and God is powerless to do anything about it, I mean after all, He did drown His children in a 40 day flood because He screwed up and they, “His Created Children” went haywire right??? And that you do believe!! And worse, you believe you have no control BUT if you belive that NONSENSE, pay your taxes, attack your enemies, then when you die you can go to Heaven???  

Had enough yet Beloved?


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