If Jesus was here now and you could See and Hear Him,

He might say it this way Beloved:

“You need do nothing to experience my atonement that is within you. Within you is the kingdom of God. You do not die, and God does not kill! God is your Father in that you are His Idea, and an Idea does not leave Its Source. The Holy Spirit is your Guide out of the “dream of time”, and IAM One with your Holy Spirit. To the world of “believers’ what I teach is madness. Death is an illusion just as all of your suffering has been.

All suffering is self-induced out of fear that your Father will not deliver on His promise to save you from your self-induced time capsule that prevents you from experiencing eternity. Eternity is beyond time. You live in that world as must as you live in this one, BUT you are only aware of the kingdom of hell, and not of the kingdom of Heaven that is within YOU!”


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