Happiness is difficult (*Not impossible) to obtain and ever harder to explain. Simple just not easy. You must want it above all else. Jesus was not “more favored” by His Father than you are, He (Jesus) was more fearless than you currently are. Forgiveness creates a state of mind that is fearless, because it creates or reinstate’s the “created state of mind” that you are able to re-obtain, Re-Awaken. Forgiveness dissolves guilt!

>All your beliefs have you fearing death. That you somehow have to impress the UN-impressionable One to obtain His grace and His final judgment of you to enter into His Love. <NONSENSE! Beloved!

God knows you are coming, you are “on the way”, He is ready for your eventual arrival. Freedom is obtained IN LIFE! by seeking the kingdom of God that is within you through meditation, self exploration, and conscious awareness of your personal thoughts.

Why do you “get mad”? Why do you value the opinions of others over self worthiness and happiness?

You Got Christ? or you questions?



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