“Sin” is a “karmic mistake” but not a thing God is pissed at you about

This blog was never Anti-military…..It was always Pro-Peace, Pro-LIFE!

This blog was not Anti-king James church….It was Pro-Salvation! And, It was never Anti-“your chosen holy book”………………………………IT WAS PRO-TRUTH!

If you are stuck in life waiting to die to experience heaven after an earthly death it is because you fear God. If you still belive in death it is because your chosen holy book has you hoodwinked into believing untruths.

When Jesus or anyOne else teaches “Ask, Belive, Receive” they are telling you to DO THIS: “Go Within, Seek, Find” < You ever did that?, of course not, you judge fools like me as insane.

You can not experience belief blindly. To believe is to know and to know is to seek. Without experience your beliefs are less than useless Brother.

Seek You FIRST the kingdom of God and then all things will be added unto you. You try to “Add all things” before seeking where Jesus Christ told you to look???

“Christian” you stay blinded by belief. Why do you believe anything? The reason is FEAR, You are afraid of God. You believe and falsely that “HE” killed His created children in a demonic 40 day drowning, You believe and falsely that HE sent a savior and that Saviour was killed by the same ‘people’ He came to save, “!*AND!*” that IT WAS A GOOD FRIDAY??? Are you insane to believe these things about God, certainly you are, but to admit insanity is to go the other way. If you are not yet willing to go the other way you stay insane by your irrational beliefs about God. God is not a demon who kills??? Fear keeps you controlled by your environment. All the while you are not aware that your environment is Heavenly. Your beliefs are mind inspiring, So, if you believe God is a killer you will see God as a killer. When you allow for the renewing of your mind, your thoughts, your “beliefs”, you Will to See the kingdom that was Created for YOU and YOU alone!

Trying to describe the experience of Salvation to the judgmental egotistical fearful believing mind, is kin to describing “water to a fish”. Jesus does not attempt to do this. He tells you where to look so you can “find” or “experience” the truth for yourself. If the king James bible was a math book we’d a thrown that sucker out a long time ago, it don’t work to produce Salvation.

King James religion and the religion of Jesus Christ are diametrically opposed, you are unaware of this, and the reason is your “blind belief” brought about by your fear of “The Father”. You were told the bible was God breathed and you blindly believed it due to FEAR!!

Why do you have sickness, disease and death in “your world”? Why do you have war, suffering and endless strife in “your world”? The reason is simple: You Judge what God created as faulty. You “believe” God goofed, made a mis-take, He had to kill everything, and “start over”.

PLease see the insanity of your false fear based UN-Forgiving beliefs and GO THE OTHER WAY Beloved!!

Hello Lee!

Did this help anyOne you think? I often wonder why so few *PRACTICE* the teachings of the Nazarene Master. I have many believers who read these words and still stay blinded by their irrational beliefs.

To “believe” God kills or allows for death is the pinnacle of insanity.

Any comments?





3 Responses to ““Sin” is a “karmic mistake” but not a thing God is pissed at you about”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Thanks !!

  2. Lee Petersen Says:

    Hi David , Yes , these posts really help me. They help me to focus & to realize what’s going on. I live inTexas & I am faced with the ” Insanity” all the time. What I find interesting is that people will agree with what you are saying then turn right around & contradict what you are saying…it tells me that somewhere in them is the Realization & Recognition of Truth as Truth it is just they’re unconscious force of habit & fear that keeps them from practicing….so I just know that Truth will someday be revealed to all since it really is IN ALL .So until that day I keep reading these posts & rejoice that as long as they are posted they are effecting the mass consciousness on a deep & subtle level which the Holy Spirit will use to Awaken all.. They work on me…so they will work on others……<3 Merry Christmass !!

    • Thank you for the kind words Lee! When the ego and its “brain consciousness” have been brought under control through Forgiveness, then we have reached the stage at which power belongs to yOur Higher Self. The alliance of these ‘two’ if you will, creates an awakening that is unexplainable, it surpasses all understanding, BUT we Must practice the “sacrifice of Forgiveness” that the ego finds self defeating. The power that is experienced is perfectly real. Mastery of the physical body gives health and strength; mastery of the emotions prevents one from being controlled by others, and opens the inner ear; mastery of the mind allows for a peaceful existence in which you See that all things work for “good” and the “bad” never was….

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