Imagine for a moment Martin L. King coming to you in a dream. As you are well aware of when you dream, you are Not aware that you are “dreaming”. That being said; Imagine you coming face to face with Martin! The same Martin that changed the world! The same Martin that inspired Nelson M.!

Without judgment, you would experience reverence at the sight of Martin. This reverence that I speak of is the same reverence the “good Samaritan” felt as He helped the injured man lying on the road. Remember as Jesus taught, the “religious man” was unable to experience this reverence as he saw the injured man due to his personal beliefs and judgments. A religious person is a judgmental person. Their hearts are hardened out of the egotistical need to be right. This “righteousness” is Anti-Christ and they can never experience True Reverence as taught by Jesus Christ.

IAM explaining reverence because you must experience reverence in the sight of Everyone you see to be Saved.

Example: If you are “Muslim”, you Must experience reverence in the sight of your “Christian” Brothers and Sisters. If you are “Christian” you Must experience reverence in the sight of your “Buddhist” Brothers and Sisters. The devil tries to “act reverent” when he or she enters a Mosque, Church, Temple or Synagogue. This “egotistical reverence” is simply a part of the existing illusion that you are currently trapped in. To transcend this dream of judgement, fear and death you Must be willing to Go Within and seek the kingdom of God that Is within every “child of man”.

As you seek for Love, reverence or “God”, the devil, your ego will dissolve from your personality and you Will to See through the Eyes of FORGIVENESS.

Never, ever, ever give Up the Search for your Heavenly Father that Is Within Every “Child of God”!!

I would love to teach at your Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Temple. You can contact me at 619`715`4489 anytime to set up a meeting with me. I AM and Advocate of Total Well-Being……YOURS!!!

Much Love and continued success in “time”. Remember when time has vanished from your mind and you are no longer ruled by it, you are then experiencing the Kingdom of God that Is with-IN YOU!!



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