Lets go futher inward shall ‘we’

My time on WordPress will be coming to an end. We will see each other at a place in time that is more suitable for your awakening.

To read about religions is one thing but to *PRACTICE* the methods that you read about is something completely different.

The reason most modern-day religions based on “holy books” like the king James version do not work to obtain Salvation is due in large part to yOur not *PRACTICING* the method laid out by the Master or Saviour. In the kings version the method laid out by Jesus Christ is FORGIVENESS 70X7.  But that is obscured by the “old testament”, the Talmud, for which Jesus Christ told them 2000 years ago was useless in the attainment of Salvation. The “believers” of His day like today are stuck in the fear of God. Fear is the vail which blinds the eyes. The eyes are blinded by a mind that is afraid to See the Father’s kingdom manifested.

You believe in ‘others’ to help you or hurt you. The Truth is, the others, all of them, even the Ones you call enemies, are yOur Brothers, here to help you See that the Father is All Loving, All giving, All the time. “Holy books” are the cause of Judgment in the world you see. If the others believe as you do they are your Brothers and if they believe something different they are your enemies. You do not yet see the insanity of your false judgmental beliefs.

Can king James church help you towards Salvation? Only insofar as you relinquish All judgment of the “other organized religions” and FORGIVE them for not “believing” as you do. The reason you belive is because you do not know the truth. It’s the same with other sects, other religions or other methods of attainment. Belief is for those who judge wrongly the methods others use to “find God”.

What you are reading is rejected outright by your fearful ego, the devil. It does not matter your current beliefs Unless you want the “Peace that surpasses ALL your current understanding!” What you are reading is foolishness to believers who belive and falsely that the grave begins “another life”, one without the pitfalls you currently experience, the pitfalls I speak of are sickness, disease, lack, loneliness and then death. These are all made up by the devil your ego. You belive in science, history, and medicine to heal you. The entire time not even aware that you are the dreamer behind the dream where you BELIEVE God is in Heaven and unreachable by you, Jesus died, and life is a dismal farce that ends in your death!

What do you want? You judge that which is written never knowing that the truth lies within waiting to be awakened now. You suffer the death of “loved ones” never knowing that All suffering is self-induced by the devil. God made not suffering. Your beliefs are the cause of all your suffering, because of Judgement!

*Love your enemies, FORGIVE 70X7 your enemies, and your children will not come home from overseas wars without arms and without legs, they will not come home scared beyond recognition, and they will not come home with post traumatic stress brought about by the fear of war and killing. You were taught wrong Beloved! You believed in wrong “doctrine” Beloved! And you teach wrongly every time you belive you are right and the “others” are wrong.

GO within. I am here to help. If you continue down the wide road of destructional beliefs you can and will never experience the peace that surpasses all your current understanding as it relates to Salvation, Heaven and the Atonement. You stay blind by listening to blind teachers who believe that the king James version is the Light unto Salvation. The Light is within. The Light will never be found in a book, “holy” or not.

The Light will only be Experienced by *PRACTICING-FORGIVENESS-70X7* the True Religion of Jesus Christ the Savior of the World.




3 Responses to “Lets go futher inward shall ‘we’”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Sorry to see you go !! You have helped a lot & for that I am Thankful !! Hope to see you soon. ❤

    • Lee!
      Please stay in contact with me. You have my telephone number (619`715`4489). I am moving, changing, letting go more and more of the routine. Routines are for the ego personality, they are “not bad” its just that I see that routines are for the body. The body being the illusion of the devil, is to vail the continual sight of the Father from the Eyes of the Children of the Father.
      *Reverence is a topic I want to share with you. See the next post.

      Again Lee!
      We can Never, ever, ever give up on our search to BE One with Our Father Who Is in Heaven! Jesus Christ WILL make Himself known to YOU and all the “others” when All ‘they’ want is to See their Brothers and Sisters “sinless” no matter their chosen method of attaining the personal knowledge of the “Father That Is Within”.

      I look forward to meeting YOU!

      • yOur savour is not dead, nor does He dwell in what was built as a temple unto death,…..”the body”.

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