Religion, in the hands of blind teachers keep the learners blinded. No one can teach properly what they themselves do not understand completely. I ask you, could you teach chess to someone if you did not understand the game completely? How many people do you even know who play chess, let alone know how to teach it. “IT” the method of attainment, can not be taught by someone who does not understand Salvation.

If you believe and teach Salvation after an earthly death, then you are blinded by your ego the devil. The “religion” or method to achieve Salvation is, *FORGIVENESS, 70X7. Salvation is a renewing of your mind, Not after you die BUT NOW! Are you now beginning to understand and “See” that the “masses of believers” hoping for an after death nirvana are bitterly mis-Taken by their false beliefs about “God”.

Brother, Sister BEgin to look through the Eyes of the FORGIVING Christ within. Drop your trained believing ego who is judgmental and blinded by fear. When you attack your “enemies overseas”, who comes home with no arms and no legs??? Judgment and not FORGIVENESS has blinded yOur eyes to the kingdom of God that Is At-Hand!

Remember, “There is no place like home” and you aren’t at home when you Judge an-“other”. To Judge another is to judge oneself. Judgment creates a state of mind that is not able to See Reality!


You are in no danger and never have been, FORGIVENESS OPENS yOur Eyes! “70X7” is to FORGIVE Everyone All the “time”. Judgment, which is the fear of God, is the cause of All your sickness and disease. When fear is in the mind, it attacks the body and the mind. The mind Will “heal Itself” as you “quiet It”. Do not let the ego steer you off course by its incessant  thoughts of fear.

To “BE-STILL” is to BE-STILL! *A practice: Get comfortable in a chair or on the floor. Not to comfortable to sleep, but if you “fall-asleep” that’s ok too. Now, Be-Still. Then with your “thinker’ ask, The Lord to reveal Itself to You. “Seek and you Will find!” Never give into the lies of the devil that seeking within is insane, seeking within Is the only Sane activity that you can “DO” in “time”. Do not be frustrated, the Master knows when His disciple is ready to receive the salvation that the religion He teaches brings. However, you “MUST SEEK” Or you will never “FIND”. Jesus Christ has Atoned (undone your false beliefs) for you. What the Atonement does is “speed up the process” to yOur awareness of the kingdom of God Within.

FORGIVE your husband, wife, children, parents, friends, other family, FORGIVE your enemies, FORGIVE your government, FORGIVE your God and Your Savior and when you have had a willingness to FORGIVE Everyone 70X7, then go within and FORGIVE yourself. FORGIVE yourself all the thoughts of fear and UN-worthiness. FORGIVE yourself so long enslaved by false mental unworthiness brought about by false beliefs perpetrated by this world of illusions.

You are now free to discover yOur true Name Beloved! This is Not king James church and I AM not a pastor. I AM a BROTHER to You, a child of God, and when you BEcome aware of yOur Father you too will See that yOur Father is Love and Only Love! Our Father is all giving, all the time. You are free to test yOur Father to See if He will provide ALL yOur earthly needs! Let no mental excuse’s keep you from the Realization that yOur Father is within YOU, and Is One With YOU!




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