BE-come Childlike through Forgiving Everyone ‘All the time’

What is Jesus telling us that we receive when we FORGIVE 70X7? He is telling us that yOur Sight will be returned to that of a child.

As a child”, Isha says, “you were carried away by thrills of emotion, by delight in the marvelous. You did not dissect the world like a dead body or anesthetize your perception in little watertight compartments of materialism and spiritualism and monism. You submitted to the charm of legends and mysteries and were happy in being small, to admire powers greater than yourself.”

What have we gained my Brother by all are judgments of ‘others’? Are you so great that the kingdom of Heaven seems impossible? Or are WE so ashamed of yOur mediocrity that the notion of the kingdom of God NOW offends “US“?

Enough of the blind fear based beliefs about your current situation. If you are satisfied with life, then ask nothing more, BUT if you seek for the total elimination of all fear and suffering by faith in your Higher Consciousness , then let ‘us’ set out as disciples of Jesus Christ and trek down the path of FORGIVENESS, together.

Christ is within YOU! This is not church. “King James church”, looking back 20 years from now, will be seen as nothing more than a “religious method” to control the minds of men to the submission of earthly power, via the “fear of God”.

Wake up my Brother and Sister, quit suffering, the kingdom of God is At Hand! To know the Truth that sets you free you Must FORGIVE Everyone all the time, or “70X7”!

Enough for today…

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