A Master, J.C.!

Reverence toward J.C. is not required by Him for Him to be known by you, BUT to show reverence toward Jesus, is to BE aware of His reality in yOur consciousness 🙂  

Are there ‘other Masters’ with other methods of attaining what Jesus calls, “The kingdom of God”? Yes, however we are not concerning ourselves with other religions that have worked for the others. We as followers of Jesus Christ are following His religion which is FORGIVENESS 70X7.

Understand My Brother and Sister, knowledge is obscured by both movement and will, (Hence: You must “BE-STILL” to Know). For this reason Guides and Instructors must limit themselves to the very minimum needed for the discharge of their mission. Everything living is complex. Are their “Masters” with Superhuman “powers” Who watch and help ‘us’? And if so where do they live, and how do I arrive at this type of understanding?

If we try to explain this “understanding” using technical language, we will be confused by existing doctrines, and for the egotistical judgmental mind this is a dead-end, a roadblock! Brother,  judgment of Anything Or Anyone KEEPS YOU BLIND! So, it would be better to examine facts in a new spirit, trying to forget all your preconceived ideas and terms.

The fact is YOU ARE NOT IN ANY DANGER!! You never have been and never will be!! (UR safe!!!!!!!!!!!)

The reason Believers are scared, or sick is because they Judge the Father as evil. Of course the ego does not let them know this outright, BUT the “belief” in hell-fire, death and the 40 days of killing everyone, including children, has believers believing their God is a monster. Followers of Jesus Christ know that those beliefs are insane, and the reason Is Jesus Christ has made Himself known to them during their reverent time in the Silence of Meditation.

When was the last time you knew a Any-One, believer or Non-believer, sick or well, happy or sad, who Quieted his or her mind to listen for Jesus Christ?

Followers “Do this” because Wisdom is found in the kingdom of God that Is Within them! Knowledge is not to learn and file somewhere in the brain notions which will vanish when the brain cells die. Knowledge is to Open the Eyes and Ears to the kigdom of Heaven that Is now and always has been At-Hand!

“Seek and YOU Will find” J.C.

*please x cuse all typos




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