Life would be a giant waste of time and a dismal farce if we ended up in the grave

Everyone wants “control” of your mind. The reason is simple: If “they” control your mind they control you. You are not at the mercy of events outside your conscious control, the problem lies in the fact that you are not aware that nothing is outside your conscious control. You dream a dream, thus you do not know the dreamer is you.

When you “sleep and dream” at night, you do not realize until you awaken in the morning that all the people who moved about in your dream were “only YOU”! …….. It’s the same when you awaken from the grand illusion of sin, death and “hell-fire”. The dreamer (your-ego/or “devil”) made up this dream to forget God. You wanted to forget God because you were afraid and did not know why. As you formed “beliefs” and they were passed from generation to generation you “believed your beliefs” kept you safe from God.

Your beliefs kept you safe from Nothing Beloved! You believe because you do not know the truth that sets you free, and you do not know the truth that sets you free because of your lack of faith in God. God does not require that you work a J.O.B. (just above broke)! BUT! To know this without suffering requires total FORGIVENESS of what you have been taught, told and “learned” from the past. The past is NO MORE Beloved, BUT, because your thoughts are “past and future”, you see only the past repeated and wonder why. To end the repetition of past thinking requires the faith in God to Forgive Him for your scary beliefs like hell-fire. To believe in hell-fire is insane, and when you come into the awareness of your Heavenly Father within you will realize the level of your insanity. Until then you suffer needlessly.

When you come into the Self-Realization of yOur Heavenly Father within, you See that drowning Children is not His Bag!!! Fear your Father no more Beloved because of your past insane beliefs about Him, and your world will be transformed into the kingdom of Heaven through your FORGIVENESS 70X7! When all fear has been eliminated from your thought process, you See nothing bad has ever happened to you, nor will anything bad happen to you again!

You have been the cause of all your suffering not God the Father! Beloved, never again blindly believe a book a worldly king publishes that teaches “hell-fire” is the destination for non believers of his book. Never blindly believe again Beloved any book is “God breathed” that has yOur Heavenly Father allowing a “holocaustic drowning” of His Created Children. Those are insane fearful blind beliefs that you can know are nonsensical if you will *PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7* as taught by Jesus Christ, Who is in the kingdom of God, and that kingdom Is within every Child God Created!! 

Jesus Christ teaches that FORGIVENESS 70X7 gives you everything you want and He is correcto mundo! Christ is a Spirit that you will experience within if you will follow His teachings. You are And always have been within the kingdom of God. To experience the true nature of your reality you Must trust God again! You Must FORGIVE God, God does not need your FORGIVENESS, YOU DO!! FORGIVENESS 70X7 of everything you see and experience will expand the awareness of your consciousness to understand that fear is of the devil and not of the Father!

In closing, “David Winter” is a personality that this world has formed around him. This world is ultimately not real. So, police officer, grocery store manager, father, husband, brother, Grand-father or “teacher of God”, are all titles that will someday be let go of in favor of the truth that sets him free. We use the name we were given to maneuver around in this dream. Titles come as we form beliefs about ourselves, CEO or drug addict, saint or sinner, the title does not matter, what matters is that you “transcend the title” to yOur own true nature. To transcend, you must be willing to change, change is scary for the child of man, but as you FORGIVE you BE-come the Child of God as your were Created to BE!

more to follow…. ?’s


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  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Great !! Thanks

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