FORGIVENESS 70X7 OPENS the inner door to the outer kingdom of LOVE!

“If a ‘leap of faith’ is impossible Beloved, take a ‘step of faith’, and that too will be rewarded by yOur Heavenly Father just the same!”

Inner conflict is the result of outer judgment. Judge nothing ever, you Only hurt yourself by not understanding the boomerang effect of your judgments.

“All Judgment Is self Judgment” T.C.

“Judge not lest you be Judged” J.C.

As you progress down the Forgiven Path laid out by the Spirit of Jesus Christ within, you understand the foolishness of judgment, until then you suffer needlessly at your own hands.

FORGIVENESS and surrender; to surrender is to detach your thoughts from the outcome of anything. You can only do this when you trust and have faith in God, not money or “_______”,  fill in the blank. This faith is acquired by the religion or method of attainment as taught by the Nazarene Master Himself: FORGIVENESS 70X7!

This inner consciousness will reveal Itself to you as you seek for It. “Seek and you Will to find” is the message of every disciple of Jesus Christ. BE good to YOU! YOU are So Loved and very much worthy to Experience the kingdom God Created for His Loving Idea; YOU!

You have Never done anything Wrong that can affect you eternally, why do you let the past effect you now???

In closing, Begin your *Meditation and *Mind Quiet time (“Be Still”). You can quiet your mind whenever the Holy Spirit reminds you to do so. To understand the teachings of Jesus Christ you Must experience Him and His teachings. This will happen, BUT you must have the willingness to experience the simplicity of heart and mind of a child.

 Remember, what you are reading is FOOLISHNESS to the trained intellect (ego) of the child of man, BUT not to the Child of God.

Would you not surrender your past beliefs to know *Jesus Christ is Risen*

Enough for today…..

*PRACTICE* and blindly-believe NOTHING ever again My Brother and Sister!


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