The “Inner Silent Voice” of Love

Everything you judge becomes unknowable to you. You will never know that which you judge. The reason is very simple to the disciples or followers of FORGIVENESS 70X7, the religion of Jesus Christ.

You were Not created to judge, and the reason is everything in your world, in your life, is perfect. Of course this is insane to believers because they judge others as wrong and themselves as right. Judgement results from the fear of God. FORGIVENESS shows you that there is Nothing to be afraid of, and especially not to fear yOur Heavenly Father. Believers believe and do not know this.

Judgment drowns out the inner Silent Voice of yOur Holy Spirit. FORGIVENESS affects the mind and then yOur world. Believers refuse the “sacrifice” FORGIVENESS offers because they do not “believe” in FORGIVENESS, only judgment.

Example: If you hold a Hot potato and then let it go, your hand will sting for a little while after you let go of the Hot potato, But! you have let go of the problem, so the pain will subside.

In the above example; JUDGEMENT is the “Hot potato”, FORGIVENESS is the “letting go”, and the sting you feel after you let go is the residual thought of the ego, “your devil”. The devil is the inner Judger, and the Holy Spirit is the inner FORGIVER. The residual sting of Judgment will subside as you learn FORGIVENESS 70X7 in all your dealings with the “others” in your world, even if they crucify you or a “Loved One”, FORGIVE “them”.

Be in the world but not of it, the reason is the world you were born into is not real and everything you see will eventually disappear into the abyss of consciousness. Death as you intellectually understand it is not a reality.

“You fear because you do not know the TRUTH, and you do not know the TRUTH because you ‘believe’ that you Do”.

Beloved ❤ The “unknown” is only unknown to your ego, yOur Father knows Everything and is within YOU! You do not know your Father, so you get tossed around by beliefs that keep your mind in a circular “fear-go-round”!

This is NOT yOur FIRST rodeo My Beloved Brother and Sister! Jesus Christ healed our inner consciousness (“Atoned”), in “time”, 2000 years ago, but Very, Very few among ‘us’ *PRACTICE* His teachings, although believers believe they do. Believers are blinded by the judgemental devil within, that we call the ego.

Believers judge, Disciples FORGIVE!

“BE still and know that IAM One with God”.

Imagine this for a moment Beloved: Think of some of your personal fears, the death of your child, no food, no shelter, no job, no money, no “___________” fill in the blank 🙂 Now Imagine all of those fears not being real. Your egotistical fearful thoughts has made all your fears up.      .         .         . 

THAT IS WHAT FOLLOWING THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST WILL SHOW YOU! FORGIVENESS, *PRACTICED* ReNews your mind, and a ReNewed Mind Sees a Forgiven world, one without YOUR personal Judgments laid upon it. Your personal beliefs are Judgments against God Himself and His Creation.

FORGIVENESS 70X7 Opens yOur Eyes to the kingdom of yOur Heavenly Father! Do you believe Jesus Christ when He tells you “the kingdom of God is WITHIN you”, Of course not! And this is the reason you suffer, because you have never sought the Kingdom of God within!

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