Forgivers Vs. believers

As you begin your new method of attainment as taught by Jesus Christ. You will See the fruits of your work. To Judge another takes no “Works”, to Forgive another requires righteous sacrifice. Jesus showed His followers the ultimate righteous sacrifice when He Forgave the believers of His day for “killing” Him. He Forgave unto death. This is not asked of you my Brother and Sister, all that is “required” of you is a willingness to Forgive those who do not know what you are coming to understand, and that’s: Forgiveness Re-News the mind, and beliefs keep you trapped in a judgemental hell.

You do not yet understand why things happen the way they happen, because you are not yet aware of the true nature of reality. The true nature of reality is this: You are One with everything you See, and Forgiveness will show this to YOU!

Judgment creates a false mental conflict that seems real to the “judger”. You were not created to Judge Anything or Anyone, you suffer because you judge “others” without understanding their Oneness with you. The religion of FORGIVENESS 70X7  as taught by the Nazarene Master shows you, yOur Father gave ‘US’ Everything at Creation.

Forgiveness surrenders the inner conflict, thus allowing the “Eyes to See” and the “Ears to Hear” what a judgmental mind can never have you experience.

Salvation is of the mind FIRST, and then “All Things” are seen as Created by God. Fear keeps the recognition of the kingdom that Jesus teaches is within You,  from BE-ing known to believers. The kingdom Must BE experienced or it is only foolishness to believers!

“Methods or Religions” will never work if the aspirant, disciple or follower does not *PRACTICE* what the Master teaches. If the Master Saviour teaches FORGIVENESS 70X7 or at least a willingness to do so, and you are not “doing” this, then you cannot call yourself a disciple of that Savior or “Master”.

As you surrender to the inner consciousness within that Jesus Christ teaches is your Holy Spirit, you allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to manifest in your life. The “Atonement” is the undoing of your false beliefs. You only believe because you do not know. When you judge anthers method or “religion” you keep yourself stuck.

Who cares, or why would you care, or judge what a “Christian”, “Muslim”, “Buddhist”, “Hindi” or anyone else “BELIEVES”, they only believe because they do not Know. Knowledge comes from experience not belief. Belief is the shadow of fear that can never be seen, but as long as you believe you judge and as long as you judge you are afraid of God. God will Not be known through fear, only Love. Fear is “judgmental-hate” that divides the Children of God, and Love is a “FORGIVING-Oneness” that Unites All the Children, no matter their false religious beliefs.


more to follow…


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