Salvation requires Silence as the embryo requires the womb

When you have broken the shell of your ego there is No problem the Light of Christ within will not solve for YOU. Let go of the fear of being wrong and you Will to BE Happy! yOur main resistance is fear of being deceived, of escaping from the control of intellectual faculties.

Beloved, “intellectual faculties” are of the devil, the result is deception and beliefs are the means!

Your religion is your method. Why do you insist on “judging other’s methods” as wrong? FEAR; we judge for fear of BE-ing wrong.

Think on this for a moment My Beloved Sister and Brother of God: What if Everything you “believe” about God is wrong, what if “your holy book” was not what you “believed” it was, what if the kingdom of God was within YOU, and Jesus Christ is there Now waiting to receive YOU?

You are not a mind trapped at the mercy of a body. Of course you do not know where the kingdom of God really is because you have never really looked for “It”. Your beliefs have stifled your search of the only Thing worth searching for. You look for happiness in money, job, relationships, “religion”, children etc… all the while unaware that you are One with Everything you See! This is beyond belief because it is beyond your intellectual understanding.

When you look at an orange seed for example, you do not see the tree with juicy oranges hanging all over it, No, you see just a seed. Your Higher Consciousness (“The Juicy Orange Tree”) is within you, just as the oranges are within the seed. You can not see the oranges in the seed, no more than you can see the roots, branches, leaves, flowers etc… The seed needs rain, sun, darkness and Light to BEcome what God Created it (the seed) to BE. The seed in this example is knowledge, not earthly book knowledge, but Spiritual understanding that can Only be obtained from within the kingdom of God.

Your Father is Formless just as the orange tree has no “tree-form” as the seed. You are the Seed of God the Father! You are the Tree of Life, and YOU are God’s chosen vessel for expansion and experience! “Formlessness” is where form originates from. What you see now is consciousness materialized as form. But wait, you are fooled by what you see because you do not know that it originated from Within YOU! Form can also be experienced as formless, and this is Enlightenment or Salvation. Salvation shows you yOur body is the result of consciousness. As you seek this Consciousness within, It makes Itself known to You as “yOur Father”, “yOur Originator”, Your Source!

Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God within the Nazarene Master tells His followers, !!AND THEN!! “all things will be added unto YOU!” Why do you my Brother and Sister not have All things added, it is because you seek to “add all things” prior to “FIRST seeking the kingdom of God!”

You cannot expect to See the Risen Jesus Christ within if you Judge another’s method as wrong, or you see them as “lost”. Brother, your “religion” has gotten you nothing but a bunch of beliefs that make you feel good temporary, and as soon as the first storm of life comes you look and ask God, Where are you? He is there, there Is No Storm Beloved except in your own mind.

You must make the “sacrifice of FORGIVENESS 70X7” if you’re to experience the Superhuman state of BEing that Jesus describes as Heaven. You make enemies by your conflicting beliefs about your existence. As you FORGIVE you See that No One knows the truth, not you or “them”. Let them believe what ever they want to “BELIEVE”, you do??? You do not know that your beliefs are fooling you just as they are fooling “them”, your perceived enemies. Your perception is veiled by your false beliefs as they pertain to the True Nature of Reality and not what you “believe” is the Truth. If you must form beliefs, then you are very much UNaware of the Truth that sets you Free!

When the insanity of blind beliefs about Anything is even dimly grasped you will become freer in your existence. You exist as the result of Love and Nothing else. Your heart beats as the result of Love. How often Beloved do you think about your heart during the day? Thats as often as most think about Our Heavenly Father during the day. Do you not See now how very narrow is the path unto Salvation of Jesus Christ. Do you not See why most believe Jesus is dead??? You do not See Jesus because of your false beliefs about Him, His Father and yOur Father!

Would you not go through fear for Love? IAM here to help until you make contact with yOur Saviour beyond the darkness within!

more to follow…


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