Opening to the awareness of the inner world

As we open to the Consciousness within, we begin to understand that the reason the methods or the “organized religions” of the western world do not work to attain Salvation is because very few PRACTICE  FORGIVENESS 70X7, and the Ones among us that do are seen as misfits, madmen or “New Agers”. The believers of Jesus Christs’ day killed Him because they did not PRACTICE what He taught, like the believers of today. Believers are very fearful of God! Their fears are not real although they believe and falsely that they are.

 The teachings of JESUS CHRIST *PRACTICED* show you the Truth that sets your mind Free! FORGIVENESS alters and changes what you see, this Is beyond belief and the reason for the blind still leading the blind 2000 years after Christ taught the Truth!

Believers choose judgment over the truth of FORGIVENESS, 70X7. FORGIVENESS is to much of a “sacrifice” to believers! A mind at war within itself is sick due to Judgment and is not aware of the level of its insanity. Insanity is the UN-willingness to FORGIVE. You have no enemies, but believers do not know this truth. To know the truth you MUST *PRACTICE*!

Seek your Lord with all your heart, mind and soul (consciousness), and Jesus Christ will make Himself known to YOU!

Brother, a “dead saviour” is NO SAVIOUR! This belief is on par with the fear of your Heavenly Father. If you still believe the king James version of God drowning men, women and children in a vengeful flooding of the planet earth you Will to never know the truth.

Let me make this clear to the followers of the methods that Jesus Christ teaches: If you have not the willingness to FORGIVE Everyone all the time, your judgmental fears have you trapped in hell. Your beliefs are the net that keeps you trapped. Why do believers choose beliefs over knowledge? FEAR. Fear of God is the basis for your dream, where God sends a “Saviour” and allows the Ones He came to save to kill Him ???

You do not PRACTICE FORGIVNESS so you DO NOT KNOW! Sister, your beliefs about your reality are keeping you from experiencing the Love of yOur Heavenly Father Now. I said before, this IS BEYOND BELIEF, but it is not beyond experiential knowledge, in other words, “You will know the truth and the Truth Will set you Free!”  (*PrAcTiCe*)

All the events of your life are Divinely orchestrated to awaken you when you are ready. “Readiness” is shown by your willingness to FORGIVE yourself, Jesus Christ and God the Father for what you “BELIEVE”.

This is not church.

The religion or method of Jesus Christ is FORGIVENESS! As you awaken to the self-realization that God is not a demented monster who kills His created Children but Loves them, you Will to See His kingdom within and without.

Without this inner knowledge, you remain stuck believing in death, sin and hell-fire. Never knowing, that Jesus Christ is, “Within the kingdom of God, and God’s kingdom Is within YOU!”

In closing, when ANYONE teaches that the kingdom of Heaven is obtained after death, they are blind and do not Know the Risen Saviour that is within the Kingdom of God!




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