Jesus Is a real consciousness within YOU!

The more Jesus Christ is made real to you, the more fearless YOU become. This fearlessness is a peace of mind that no amount of money, no house, no car, no relationship, no (__________) “fill in the blank” can give to you. This awareness is not psychotic my Brother its experiential, meaning; You will know His Presence is within YOU, and This is the truth that wills to set your mind free.

As you FORGIVE you See that the mind is “Vast”! The inner world is a state of mind which recognizes that the outer world is a direct consequence of thoughts. Thoughts of Love or thoughts of fear. Fear shows you your past repeating itself, Love shows you the awareness of this. You my Brothers and Sisters are an Idea of Love, and this Love is experiencing Itself through you right now. You are Not aware of this Love because of your belief in fear.

To “Love your enemies” is to FORGIVE them. FORGIVENESS eliminates fear from “your mind” allowing the Mind of Christ to replace your fear thoughts with Love Thoughts. This is the Religion of Jesus Christ, FORGIVENESS 70X7! Allow your world to be “Resurrected” by the “Re-Newing of your mind.” This has been done by Jesus Christ. If He is your savior allow Him to SAVE YOU! You allow this by your willingness to FORGIVE Everyone all the time. If you Judge anyone, ever, for anything, you can not receive the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which is your Salvation from the world you currently see. You also cannot be afraid of anything to experience Salvation. “Salvation is your experience of this Experience”, Realized! The Nazarene Master said it best with, ” The kingdom of God is within YOU.” 

*Be Still. *Learn to Be Still.* (Meditation/Mind quiet time is the means to apply the Method or religion of FORGIVENESS taught by Jesus Christ!) The ego, which believes it is born within a body, to die at some future date, does not enjoy being still. This is because it has never been still enough to Understand the Salvation and Resurrection of the Risen Jesus Christ the Savior of the world for His followers. He does not “pray for the world” but for those who choose to follow His teachings.

You Must stand your spiritual ground over your ego the devil, and its feelings of anger, fear and judgment of the “others” in yOur world. The work is done surrender unto the Christ that Is within YOU!

In closing, until you See fear as insane, you are at the mercy of your ego consciousness, unaware that the Consciousness of Christ waits in the balance for you to acknowledge His Presence.

Let yOur Eyes be Re-Newed by the power within to FORGIVE what NO-ONE has ever done to YOU! This “sacrifice” called “FORGIVENESS” will show you the kingdom within reserved for the Children of God Himself!!

Enough for today Beloved…

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2 Responses to “Jesus Is a real consciousness within YOU!”

  1. Carissa Gilmore Says:

    Hi DaviD I Want To Thank You For Putting The UnKnown In It’s Place…. I Was Able To Over CoMe Unessary Mental Anguish Because I Can Wear My Heart Of Forgiveness For thE Whole World To See…I reject the judgeMental State of Existence..

    • david1963 Says:

      Carissa! As you continue to seek, through the darkness within, the Light will make Itself known to YOU! *Meditation or Mind Quiet Time*,even for ONE Minute in the AM and ONE Minute in the PM will water the seed of Enlightenment so that inspiration to continue your search will be put into the “hands” of your Holy Spirit, and this Will result in a changed perspection of your world. You need do nothing! Seek your “Father” both in easy times and hard times through FORGIVENESS 70X7 and you Will to See the kingdom of Heaven Jesus tells YOU is here Now!
      David Winter

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