“What the use?”

This is the great question that has been asked by seekers of every generation; Whats the use?

The aim is to hear within oneself the appeals of the Higher Consciousness. This Higher Consciousness is stifled by the activities of yOur daily life. In the west we are taught to find the answers to this question in holy books, in the opinions of ‘others’ and to question other thinkers, never looking within oneself for the answers to all our questions.

We Must explore with the courage of faith the awareness that is available to the true follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. His teachings are a method of Salvation. Organized religions of the west are “feel good” religions and have nothing to do with experiencing Salvation as Jesus Christ teaches. King James’ version is simply that “his version.” It is not God breathed or God ordained. How can God ordain the death of His Created Love??? YOU are that Love! You have been mis-Taken by your judgements of others. You “believe” and falsely that you are right and the others who do not “believe” like you are WRONG, simply put: this is INSANE!! Believers do not know! Believers Believe! Jesus Christ tried to get the Believers of His day to STOP believing, and learn that what they were looking for was WITHIN them!

Just as today, if one speaks to a “Muslim” or “Christian” about the “New World” or “Heaven” they “BELIEVE” that it is experienced after a bodily death. The reason BELIEVERS BELIEVE this is because they DO NOT **PRACTICE** what Mohamed or Jesus taught!!! Had they *PRACTICED* the “Method” for Salvation or Enlightenment laid out by Mohamed or Jesus they would see that FORGIVENESS 70X7 and NOT Judgement opens the door to the kingdom of Heaven!

If you call your Brother or Sister, “Christian or Muslim”, it does not matter, what matters is what God calls them, and He calls them “His Children!” When you Judge God’s Children by your FALSE-BELIEFS, based on Your “holy book”,  you end up experiencing the fear of God because you Judged His Created Children as evil or wicked without EVEN knowing them! Brother, STOP! your insanity by belief. GO Within ask your Holy Spirit to reveal the kingdom God has Created for you!!

Your eyes long to See the kingdom of God, but FIRST the mind Must be renewed by accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ. “Seek Ye FIRST the kingdom of God and then All things will be added unto you!!”

In closing, you have an inner kingdom that you are very much unaware of at this time. When this inner kingdom, which Jesus Christ calls, “The kingdom of God” is realized even remotely,  you will Experience the Desires of your Heart! But if you choose, by your own free will to judge others who do not BELIEVE like you, you stay stuck in an eternal hell of fear, sin and death by your own thoughts, your OWN WILL, Not God’s.

FORGIVE the others, do not Judge them. Would you rather be right or Happy! Jesus Christ is looking for Happy learners not judgmental “know it all’s”. He knew you do not know. Believers Believe they Know but they know nothing. Jesus Christ told the Sanhedrin of His day “Woe to you that are blind and keep the others blinded, you claim the truth and know nothing of the truth, you keep the others blinded by your fear of God!”

Fear your Father No longer Beloved!! I am here to help you to See the Light within!  I *PRACTICE* what you are reading on this blog. I am here to encourage you to seek like never before the “kingdom Within” so you too can begin to experience freedom of mind that Salvation brings to the true followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ’s Method or “religion” is FORGIVENESS 70X7. Be willing to FORGIVE Everyone All the time no matter what you “Believe” they have done to YOU, and you Will See the kingdom reserved for the followers of Jesus Christ that, He calls Heaven!!

enough for today…


2 Responses to ““What the use?””

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    You are so right. It is the Practice that brings the result. It is one thing to know or believe but it is only through Practice that we achieve . Achievement is really allowing what is already Present to simply Be…That is the Glory within Us. Thanks so much !!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

    • “Achievement is really allowing what is already Present to simply Be…That is the Glory within Us” Amen. Thank YOU Lee for all your comments and inspiration.

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