The More YOU go within the less you do “without”!

When you’ve remembered yOur innocence, YOU will remember Love! That is what you will remember when you have accepted the Atonement of Jesus Christ, All glory to Jesus Christ for His method to Salvation. “Religion” is a method of attaining the Knowledge that God Is Within yOur Consciousness NOW, not “after death”! The religion of Jesus Christ is “simple” just not “easy”. Wide is the road of Judgment, narrow is the path of FORGIVENESS70X7. FORGIVENESS Is the religion/method of Jesus Christ.

When you remember your innocence you will see the insanity of belief. When you remember your innocence you will know that you are eternal and death is an illusion, and finally when you remember your innocence you will remember God’s kingdom that He created for YOU!

This is Not religion, remember religion is a method of attainment. All religions have at their core the remembering of God the Father Within His kingdom that Is within YOU! You will see FORGIVENESS as the gift yOur Father gave to YOU as a way to remember yOur innocence and His LOVE!! You will see your Perfection when you STOP! “believing” insane theories about yourself. Brother, YOU are not a “horrible sinner deserving only death.” This is the cause of All your sickness, mental, physical and emotional. You do Not “BELIEVE” you are worthy of “__________” (fill in the blank).

What do you want? Know First that you Are worthy to experience that! This is “seeking the kingdom FIRST.” We try to “add all things” peace, happiness, security, abundance, health etc… without knowing Its Cause. God Is the Cause, You are the Effect of this Cause. You are trying to be cause and effect. STOP! You have nothing to fear, and you Will to Know this as you **PRACTICE** the method laid out by Jesus Christ, and His teachings.

You Must **PRACTICE**, or All of your reading and memorization of “holy scriptures” is less than useless! The intellect will serve as a willing friend when your goal is set before it. To Have, Be or Do anything you want, for as long as you want, with whom ever you want, you Must “seek the kingdom of God that Is within YOU, FIRST!”

The holy Koran or the holy Bible, read without Judgment, and through the Mind of Christ ‘within you’, become signposts on your way to Heaven! Do Not Ever Judge Another Brother or Sister’s method of finding God, or (their “religion”), when you do this, you blind your eyes to Salvation and the kingdom of God that Is Within YOU!

FORGIVENESS eliminates Judgment thus It eliminates All fear of God yOur Father! The Atonement is an “inner work” that Jesus Christ has completed for YOU! You receive or accept His Atonement by Not judging God’s Perfection with your personally trained ego.

“Judge Not lest You be Judged”, and Thomas Conley tells us, “All Judgment is self Judgment.”

Your willingness not to Judge, allows Christ to make Himself known to you. Before this, your fear of God keeps you in judgement of your Brothers and Sisters, thus Blinding your eyes to the kingdom reserved for those with the hearts of little children.

more to follow…


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