Open your Eyes by relaxing your mind

As you allow the ego to be put under the Guidance of your Higher or Holy Spirit, your eyes will begin to See, thus experience a “different world”, one that your eyes could never see before and one where fear, sin and death are seen as mental tricks or mental constructs of the devil, your ego.

To attain this “renewing of the mind” you Must FORGIVE! This is Not religion. Religion is a method **PRACTICED** for the attainment of a superhuman consciousness that the world sees as foolish! To those who have a willingness to **PRACTICE FORGIVENESS 70X7**, thus seek Salvation, theirs is the kingdom of God! To “be saved” is to know that death is an illusion. To be saved is to know your Saviour is within God’s kingdom, and to be saved is to know God’s kingdom is Within YOU!

Love is not religious, It’s the reward for **PRACTICING** Jesus Christ’s method of Salvation!!

Think for a moment about someone you hate…..ok got it? That feeling is Anti-Christ. That feeling keeps the awareness of Jesus Christ from dawning on your consciousness. That feeling is what Must be FORGIVEN in order to See Christ! All inner conflict is self-induced by your personal devil the ego. Judgment creates a state of mind that is insane. You are One with EveryOne you see, but you are Not aware of this created consciousness because of an UN-Forgiving mind. To be Anti-Christ is not to be feared but corrected. Correction Is Not your work, only a willingness Not to Judge allows the Higher Spirit to show you a changed world by your changed mind.

Abundance Is your reality! Perfect health Is your reality! As you FORGIVE you are FORGIVEN! God gave this world to you at Creation, Not to Judge but to accept It as His gift to YOU! The eyes are the window to the inner world. To clean the window you must be willing to FORGIVE all Christians, Muslims,”bad evil people”,  and your enemies! If you have enemies you have Not the knowledge of Christ. When you have FORGIVEN All your “enemies” and no longer Judge them as “lost” or “wrong” you Will to Experience the Eyes of Jesus Christ within the kingdom of God, looking out onto His Creation. This Sight is reserved for those with the hearts of little children, until then you suffer at your on hands.

Brother you have No enemies. Never Judge your Christian or Muslim Brothers, they are as lost in judgment as you are! Judgment is fear manifested into your world. You see what you belive and you belive it because you see it.

The inner world appears to be outside you. To correct this you Must Forgive that with is Perfect! Your Inner Christ and Muslim Brothers and Sisters are Perfect because God Created them that way, your judgment has you seeing what is not there to see!

In closing, the teachings of Jesus Christ **PRACTICED** will reveal a world that ‘others’ will call foolish because they are not followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ! FORGIVE 70X7! Ask Jesus Christ, during your *meditation to reveal Himself to you, His follower, and He will when you have a willingness to See your Brothers sinless, without the stain of your judgment on them.

enough for today…


2 Responses to “Open your Eyes by relaxing your mind”

  1. Lee Petersen Says:

    Thanks David , These teachings are truly a Light to my understanding . I am Thankful that we have met.
    Have a great Thanksgiving & know I am gThankful for your giving !!!

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