Inquire Within as to Whom is the Sower!

The seed has been sown from the Sowers teaching. In faith ‘plant the seed’ of Truth that lies within. Water the seed with thoughts of gratitude. Shine the Light of FORGIVENESS 70X7, on this seed and in return My Brother and Sister, you Will to Experience the Fruit of Heaven Itself!

*Brother, think of the seed of an orange for a moment. It is small and insignificant, no one who does not know would ever suspect that if you plant this seed, water it, give it proper sunlight and attention that it will “IN Time” grow into a tree that produces fruit for life. With-In the “seed” is everything that it needs to become a Life giving tree! The seed without the farmer is like a man without spiritual knowledge, within him is the kingdom of God unknown to him because he does not look within himself for the Sower!

The Sower is One Who has attained what He/ She sows. He gives what He has received. Jesus Christ is One such Soul, One such Consciousness, One such Brother! He is aware that all suffering is self-induced by lack of the internal knowledge of the kingdom. The knowledge of the kingdom is overlooked by those who do not realize that the “Tree is Within the Seed”!

Experience must always be individual, and self-knowledge, which is the indispensable foundation, can only be attained by individual effort. This effort is the struggle between fear and Love. Fear keeps the mind vacillating, this indecisiveness is of the ego. Once the shell of egotism has been broken by the willingness to FORGIVE, the mind is freed to “ripen” and become the fruit of Its kind, and in the case of Salvation, the Mind is Free to Know the Truth that will set your thinking mind free!

In other words: The mind of man”becomes” the Mind of God, the son of man becomes the Son of God! This is beyond belief because it is Beyond your intellect. Intelligence is learned from the past, and its the past that fools the believer into believing that Jesus Christ is dead and the resurrection is for the “others” but not for itself. Brother, Christ is Resurrected, but you can and will never ‘understand’ this if you continue to belive that the fear of God is real!

You have been mis-Taken. The fear of God is nothing more than a mental construct that has been taught to you by one who is as fearful as you are currently. As you transcend this “fear of God”, to the “Love of God” by **PRACTICING** FORGIVENESS 70X7 as the Nazarene Master teaches ‘us’, You Will to See that the kingdom of God Is Within YOU Now, and is Not an after death destination exclusively reserved for the “good children” or “believers in God”.  

 “YOU are HERE” to experience the desires of your heart! The desires of the heart are not to be confused with the desires of the ego. The ego looks for fame and fortune to improve ones own lot in life, the desires of the heart are desires that make YOUR WORLD a better place for EVERYONE by your willingness to surrender the ego and its selfish motives. Selfish motives are the result of a fearful mind. You will receive All your Dreams come True when you are willing to let yOur Savior, Guide you to ‘Them’, and not the ego, which Jesus Christ refers to as the devil!

Nothing is to be feared! All fear is deception of the trained mind. *Meditation or *Mind quiet time is the means that Jesus Christ uses to impart His kingdom knowledge onto the sons of man. He attained this “kingdom knowledge” so you would not be stuck in hell eternally. Fear is hell, and hell is not of your Loving Heavenly Father!

In closing, Realize your Dreams within yourself! Feel them!, See them!, Hear them! and You too will understand that this is Your World Created for YOU and YOU alone! This “selfishness” is reverent in that You Know that You are One with everything that your Eyes See! To help the “others” in your world is to help yourself achieve the Spiritual In-Light-enment that Jesus Christ calls Salvation! You Will be handed the Torch of Abundance when all you want to See is your Brothers and Sisters in the Light of the Father!

enough for now…

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