The Awakening to Knowledge is to transcend fear

Intellect or brain knowledge should never be confused with Spiritual discernment, this is the mis-Take of most organized religions today. They do not discern from experience they believe out of fear. Belief is the formulation of thoughts designed to keep the ego empowered by “believing” that it knows the truth. For the Truth to be known it must be experienced, without experience, blind beliefs are “Anti-Christ”. Being Anti-Christ is not to be feared but corrected, and this is where the teachings of Jesus Christ **PRACTICED** will bring you Knowledge of the sacred mystery that we call God, and that Jesus Christ has ‘us’ refer to as “Our Father in Heaven”.

To awaken to Your Dreams you must First understand that YOU are the Dreamer! You believe and falsely that you are at the mercy of events outside your consciousness. We call this paradox. Without experimental knowledge of your different states of consciousness you are controlled by your impulses, and your free will is an illusion. And this illusion can be tragic because it can make any human being, however intelligent, an irresponsible puppet so far as his destiny is concerned. The errors that this paradox induces are so disastrous that this is the first obstacle that must be cleared, if you are to achieve your destiny and find the real aim of your existence and Not die entirely.

As the Nazarene Master teaches ‘us’, “Seek for the kingdom of the Father within YOU First, and then All things will be added unto You, His Idea of Love!” Believers try to add all things before they seek for knowledge and wonder why life appears hard and not worth the effort. 

NEVER BE AFRAID! You are So Very Safe and Beloved of yOur Source. 

*Mind quiet time or *Meditation is a requirement in the ascension to knowledge that is “not of this world”. When this knowledge is even remotely grasped you see the insanity of believing Anything that you have not experienced as the Truth! Everyone in this world wants your thoughts, wants your mind, wants you to BELIEVE and to see things their way. You must become independent of the opinions of others to acquire an expanded consciousness that frees you from the distractions of this world, allowing you to See Another world that Jesus Christ calls the kingdom of Heaven. In this “other world” you are the decider of the experiences you manifest and not at the mercy of fear related to false-beliefs about your current reality.

Fear is doubt and in doubt is the dream postponed. You had nothing to fear although you believed you did. The reason “quieting the mind” is paramount to any spiritual awakening is that your thoughts, the thoughts that you are aware of are meaningless if they have not the power of the Father behind them.

Its like this: You are receiving the desires of your heart Right Now Beloved! However, You my Brother and Sister are very much unaware of this spiritual detail. The “drug addicted homeless methamphetamine user” is also receiving the desires of his heart! God gives and Is Always Giving to His creation even if what they ask for is insane. Your Father knows that this dream is a “place” where you can understand your creative power without eternally being harmed by your insanity!

The only way to fully understand life is to FULLY-UNDERSTAND the Consciousness behind the life. Or in other words: The kingdom FIRST and Then “All things”, not visa versa.

If you have questions or would like David Winter, an advocate of well-being,  to help you over come obstacles relating to your spiritual, physical or emotional growth, please feel free to contact me. I have dedicated my existence to help “YOU” overcome obstacles relating to the fear of God. 

Exist no longer in UN-consciousness and in the fear of God Beloved. Begin to have a Conscious existence in the Love of God as YOU were Created by yOur Heavenly Father.

more to follow…


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