YOU Are Divinely Orchestrated, YOU did Not Create yourSelf!

Everything is a process. You are a process. The earth, the sun and moon are processes. Your return to the knowledge of your Divinity is a process. All these processes are Not of you’re doing, they are of God the Source of All things. An apple becomes an apple not by itself but by the “process” of planting, watering, sunshine, darkness etc… Without God you have No apples, no fruit! It’s the same with YOU Beloved. The process you are in to Awaken is NOT by chance. You only delay this “Awakening” that Jesus Christ refers to as SALVATION by your blind fearful beliefs about God yOur Father.

None of your current fears are real, NONE of them, Not death, sickness, homelessness, hell-fire, enemies, separation from God yOur Source, nothing you are afraid of is real. You can and Will to know this by yOur willingness to FORGIVE EVERYONE all the time No matter what they do to you, even if they lie and crucify you or your savior.

As you make contact with the inner awareness that knows All things you become a Light unto your world that the others can follow into Heaven, but if your choice is Judgment and UN-Forgiveness you stay in hell with your Brothers and Sisters trapped with YOU. Beloved God has given YOU EVERYTHING, this is YOUR WORLD, He has given you the ability to FORGIVE and thus SEE or JUDGE and stay blind! Blindness causes you to see what is NOT there. Name ONE of your enemies by name and I assure you, YOU have NEVER spoken to them personally!! Your enemies are a mental block unto your SALVATION, why would you want that hate inside The kingdom of God???

Understanding thought and mind is the medium of understanding All things. Jesus Christ was One with His Source like you are, the difference is HE KNOWS IT and you are blinded by your false fearful beliefs about yOur Source, Our Loving Heavenly Father. Do you not see the insanity of BELIEVING IN HELL-FIRE, Beloved??? Hell-fire is a man-made concept believed by the blind teachers of this world and perpetrated on their unsuspecting students or “king James congregations”.  Hell-fire was a diabolical myth penetrated on the ancient Egyptians 1500 years before Christ, and revived by king James in his version of a false-religion. Jesus Christ NEVER taught hell-fire after death. He taught the kingdom of God is NOW and you do Not die!

This is not church and Jesus Christ is Not religious! Jesus Christ is your Savior if you choose to become One with His Consciousness by His Atonement. He Atoned for your false-beliefs. The Atonement is the undoing of fear! You can Experience this/His Atonement by your willingness to FORGIVE God for what He never did to Jesus or YOU!

In closing, you MUST!, if you are to awaken from the “sleep of Adam” to the Superhuman Consciousness of the Christ within, have Faith and Trust in Divine Providence. You can not awaken yourself but you can allow the Christ to Awaken within you. This process is only fearful because you are afraid of God, due to your false belief in death, and what happens after death. Beloved, NOTHING happens “after-death” you cannot die! “Others” in your world have “died” but you as you follow the teachings of the Nazarene Master you Will to See death as the Grand Illusion of the devil (your trained ego) against the Son’s (and Daughter’s) of God!

The method of All attainment is the religion of Jesus Christ, and His “religion” is FORGIVENESS 70X7!!

If you are in need of a teacher of the teachings of Jesus Christ unto Salvation call or email me at 619-715-4489, Or,  anytime.

Awaken to the Love of yOur Father Who is in Heaven. (((*Luke 17:20-21)))

David Winter






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